I’m not nocturnal

Meet ‘crankface’ whom we named Boris.

Boris the Hedgehog was three years old sometime in August (We don’t know the exact date as we got him in October) . He’s an exotic nocturnal animal that runs on his wheel for a few hours a night. Boy oh boy Boris, am I ever glad you’re not in our bedroom anymore. He’s a nervous little guy, especially around me. (We’re both afraid of each other.) His quills (spikes) are for protection, but he wouldn’t hurt you and hedgehogs do not shoot their quills — they can’t. Sometimes they do fall off, however that is rare. If Boris is scared or angry, well that’s another story, since the quills are raised and tend to point in all directions, trying to handle him in this defensive posture is an experience that I’m used to encountering, watching the boyfriend try and pick him up. Mister ‘crankface’ doesn’t like the light, or to be handled that often. But while my boyfriend was on vacation back home, Boris and Toadster (that’ll be another entry, for a different time) are the only little guys to keep me entertained. So as per usual, I will leave you with a couple of photos that I took of Boris while he was waking up and going to his food at around 11:00PM.

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