Mmm what is that delightful scent?

I rarely purchase regularly priced items when I need razors, feminine products, soap, toothpaste.. .you know the health and beauty crap you buy at drug stores. I need to save all of that extra money for my AVEDA hair products! (Man, do I ever love those products.) When there are sales at places such as Shoppers Drug Mart I stock up! So for the last little while I’ve been using some pink brand of deodorants with a black top – Soft and Dry maybe? I don’t know, I never read the labels when I’m applying it. So my last swipe of deodorant for my previous stick was all used up and I chucked it last night. This morning I applied Lady Speed Stick in Tropical Breeze. On it went, then buttoned up my shirt and headed out for the day.

While I was on my first of two buses heading to work this morning, I was thinking: “Hmm, that lady in front of me is smelly subtly sweet today. I wonder what it is?”

This afternoon at work I was like … WAIT! said lady on bus is not here. My nose is after picking up that delightful scent again. *sniff sniff* – Dude I think that’s me, I’m the one that smells awesome!

My next stick after Tropical Breeze, is WATERMELON. Oh boy, I can’t wait to try that one out. he he. I love new deodorant! Love anything that has to be opened and brand new. Opening up a new tube of toothpaste or a new toothbrush. Does anyone get excited over little things like this? Or am I the only weird one out there? :P Doesn’t take much to make me smile, that’s for sure.

I bought my flight home, for Christmas today! By the time Christmas rolls around, I have not been to Newfoundland for 18 months. TOO LONG! I’m super duper happy and totally on cloud 9 right now. Going home for a total of two weeks!

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  1. when you start that stick of watermelon deodorant, do you think you could come over and shove your armpit in my face? i would be forever greateful!

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