Packing for Portland in May

I’m on my way to Portland, Oregon for a press event and thought I’d compile a post of what I’m bringing for the three day trip.

While I don’t over pack, I’m also not the lightest packer. For instance, I’m totally bringing four pairs of shoes for this three day trip. I mean, there’s room in the carry-on and I have outfits for each one — so whynat? The part of my suitcase where I try and keep it minimal is my makeup and toiletries bag. I just hate packing it all back up to go home. I guess this isn’t ideal for those that travel regularly, but since I don’t travel all that often and I’m in need of a new toothbrush when I get back, is that I’m going to chuck my travel-sized toothpaste and full-sized toothbrush in the garb after the trip and before I head back home.


I think it goes without saying, check the weather forecast before you start piling clothes into your suitcase. Then, I do laundry for whatever clothes I need to bring, and start packing days before the trip because I’m super organized like that.


Everything. I mean everything goes in a bag. From chargers and cables to my clothing. It all goes in packing cubes or these plastic cosmetic bags I purchased from eBay. The outfits are a bit of a struggle for me as I try and be strategic about the clothing I bring, being versatile. I want to bring enough to see me through all scenarios but I also don’t want to lug around a heavy carry-on full of anything and everything I want to wear. I have no qualms about piecing outfits together and settling on that, days before I wear them.


The last thing you want to happen when you open up your suitcase upon arrival, is seeing all your liquids over your clothes. Luckily I learned at a young age thanks to my tetris-queen-packin’-Mom, is to seal up any and all caps with saran wrap. Everything adds up in weight, and since I tend to use travel-sized items on the regular anyway, packing other items like sunscreen into smaller containers makes sense.


My carry-on suitcase is from Delsey and I’ve been using for the past 2 years. We have two (husband has the brown version) and I have to say it’s a really prime piece of luggage. I get stopped more often than not, asking who makes it. My personal item on this trip is my backpack doubling as my purse which I don’t usually bring, but I need to bring a few extra things this trip, and I need them close by instead of tucked away in an overhead bin.

I bring as limited identification and cards as I can. The essentials I’m bringing is my passport, drivers license, a credit card and some cash. My fancy wallet stays safe at home, and I use a small card case so it takes up little room.


I select an airplane uniform for myself, to help conserve valuable carry-on space, therefore I wear the same outfits on both flights. For instance I’m wearing most of my heaviest items and packing the lightest (for more room). Layering your clothing is always a good way to go. Here’s an example of what I’d wear on an airplane:

Thread & Supply rain coat (it is Portland, after-all)
Parka Sweater
Kara Jean (indigo)
H&M slip on sneakers
Suede backpack

I always make sure I bring a pair of socks with me because 99% of the time I don’t wear them; and I know darn tootin’ well I’m going to have to remove my shoes when I go through security and I do not want my bare feet touching the grimy floors. Call me Canadian, yes, but I’m always freezing here in California regardless of where I’m from. I even wore these jeans when it was 28°C outside, and I didn’t get overheated like I would in a regular jean. Perhaps because I went up a size and wanted them to be a little looser fitting.

What are some of your must-have’s while traveling? 

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My Christmas outfit

My-christmas-outfitThis year I have curated my wardrobe more than ever. When I open my closet and look in, I’m happy with what I have. On occasion I feel the need to run to Forever 21 and see what new basics they have (anything grey or baby pink I’m lusting over). But honestly, I’m content. It’s a nice feeling. Anything I grab out of the closet, I enjoy wearing.

The essential foundation in my wardrobe at the moment (and more specifically this time of year) is a grey sweater. I’m pretty sure i have three of them right now, and each vary in colour. One is a deep charcoal, the other a huge oversized cowl neck cozy knit, and the other is a flowy mock-neck long sleeved and flattering on my figure.

It’s all so comfortable and effortless. Like this outfit that I wore to my friends house — except this sweater is clearly not my favourite grey colour haha. Christmas-outfit

Sweater| Joe Fresh (last year)
Jeans| Zara
Purse| Fossil (my co-workers from Canada gave it to me when I was leaving for California)
Flats| Charlotte Russe

You know you have a great friend when she allows you to wear not only shoes in her house, but insists on you putting your shoes on her couch for a cool photo opp. I love it! My shoes were clean, I promise. I rarely wear these red flats outside (because they’re from Charlotte Russe and I don’t want them to fall apart).Christmas-OOTD

Elisabeth and I had no itinerary or commitments that day, only catching up and enjoying each other’s company lounging around at her place and me playing with my Dior makeup (this is a lipstick from the 2015 Christmas collection). Applying-lipstick

This will be the first Christmas without my Father since his passing. No doubt be a different one with my Mom in her new place, but we will make new memories and… she has a fireplace, so I approve.

I will be back to the blog in the New Year. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends.Footer-img

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Outfits of the Week

It has been so long since I did a casual/informal outfits of the week blog post on here! I miss switching up my outfits and styling them differently each day, but when I’m at home most of the time, I often find myself reaching for the same pair of jeans (those comfy Zara ones!) and a plain tee. Boring ol’ OOTD’s day in and day out, but it works, and it’s easy.

I’ve switched things up a bit this week and decided to document a couple of days worth of outfits, especially since I am working with Tobi clothing, an online clothing store similar to Forever 21 or H&M quality. It was hard for me to pick out a few pieces to review because their collection of everything from NecklacesPencil Skirts, to High Low Dresses was absolutely huge. I decided to stick with my comfort zone and pick out some classic pieces that I’d wear more often.

Pink-Sweater-OOTDCalifornia Casual /// Warmer Than Life Sweater + Zara Jeans + Charlotte Russe flip flops
A perfectly oversized off the shoulder knitted sweater, flip flops ‘n’ jeans? Doesn’t get any easier than that for a California casual day. This has to be my favourite outfit from the entire week. The sweater fits perfectly and is going to be a staple in my wardrobe for sure. For reference, I got a medium in this sweater and I’m usually a small — but I think I made the right decision because it hits just below the hips and looks great off the shoulder.

OOTD-1Layering Made Easy /// Suzy Shier jacket + Old Navy light hoodie + Zara Jeans + American Eagle Belt + Target Sneakers + Banana Republic clutch
If you follow me on Instagram you probably got a sneak peek of what I wore when I went to the Bay Area blogging meetup at a coffee shop in downtown Los Altos. This is pretty much what I wear on an everyday basis — those jeans are my favourite with distress marks in the perfect spots. I now need Target to get back on the ball and bring back these slip on faux-Vans. They’re the best thing ever!

Pink-top-OOTDNot My Go-To Top /// My Go To Top + Lululemon tank + Forever 21 Jeans + Charlotte Russe flip flops
My least favourite outfit and I would not recommend buying it from Tobi unfortunately. As soon as I held this shirt up when I opened the parcel my eyes widened. It was shaped like a square. I tried it on immediately and my husband asked me if it was a flying-jump-suit. You know those dare devils that jump off cliffs and glide back down to the ground? It honestly looked like that. Now, this time I paired it with jeans, something more suitable. When I first tried it, I was wearing leggings – and the shirt was noticeably shorter in the back than in the front. I’m not a fan of it mainly due to the square shaped, and the short-body (although looking at this photo it doesn’t look as short as it does in person). It’s also pretty pricey at $46, so if you’re into this shirt then it’s right up your alley, but I think there are better options on Tobi’s website than this tee.

Black-OOTDCozy Every Day /// Stolen Nights Swing Tee + Target Pants + Target sneakers + eBay sunglasses
These swinging type of tops where it’s longer by the hips and shorter in the front/back are my favourite types of tee’s to wear. I already own a couple of them in grey and white that I purchased from Forever 21. I think it pairs fantastic with the olive coloured jeans I picked up a few months ago from Target. A cozy every day outfit.

Thanks for Tobi for sending along some great pieces to me for review. New customers get 50% off their first order, which is pretty sweet, so take advantage of that if you’re looking for new additions to your wardrobe. Shop Tobi for more outfit ideas: Coats Hoodies + One Piece Swimsuits.

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