What I wore to Brit + Co.

I’m over on Megan’s blog guest posting for her today, as she’s settling into her new home in Portland Oregon! At least now the thirty minutes of voice notes I send her via What’s App can be reached during my time zone now. Yay!

Although it’s fall seemingly everywhere in the world, California has yet to get this memo. Sometimes (like today for instance) I decide enough is enough, Mother Nature! I rebel. I rebel and wear pants, long sleeved clothing and well, kinda sweat! However, something’s gotta give. I then resort to wearing sandals. Not only ordinary boring flip flops like I usually slip on my feet. But these fancy one’s are my new Free People one’s that I got the other day. Aren’t they super stylish? I feel like the olive green is such a neutral olive tone that it could pair easily with a lot of things I already own.

I’m not sure whether or not Fall time is my favourite time of year. I don’t drink expensive Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, but I do love lattes, and I also love Starbucks’ Peppermint White Mocha’s. You don’t hear many people chatting about that one often, do you? But I do love layering my clothes for fall. I find layering easier than dressing for summer. What are your thoughts? I mean, look at the pieces you can add to make an outfit more appealing, a faux leather jacket, a soft knit scarf (my favourites are the one’s from Zara), and a beanie! For summer, ya got some cute sandals (screwed if you don’t have a nice pedicure) + shorts and a top. That’s it. Overdress and you’re sweltering.

Fall is so much easier. I mean, the endless layering!

I like to keep things comfortable and casual. That’s my style, like I said I can wear “my uniform” of jeans and a tee and be absolutely comfortable with what I’m wearing. But on occasion I feel like I need to style it a bit more.

Adding in a pair of eye catching shoes and a nice purse? Hurrah! A simple outfit transformed into a stylish one, just with a fancy looking pair of sandals, and a hand-me-down purse that basically looks brand new.

OOTD-Brit-Co-1Outfit details: 

H&M Top //
Hand-me-down purse (seriously! Amazing right?) //
Target black jeans //
Free people sandals  //

OOTD-Brit-Co-3I’m digging the new sandals I got from Free People. I also featured them in another outfit of the day post when I wore them to the Le Diner en Blanc party in San Francisco.


Sometimes, I awkwardly smile when the camera is on me. Case in point with the photos above, and below. Especially fan-girling over someone you’re not entirely sure who she was at first. I mean, Lauren was super interested in meeting her, so I thought I should be too. Hey, bein’ honest.

Outtakes-with-Jen-GotchSo, there’s me, and Jen Gotch founder of Ban.do. Ya might’ve heard of her before. Unlike me. Living under a rock. Oops. At least I made her laugh.

Jen-Gotch-and-spiffykermsBy the way, totally remember seeing Jen’s creations at places like Chapters, etc! Awesome, right? She’s such a funny character. I bet we could be buds.

Brit-Co-meetingThen there’s more California celebrity sightings. Hee hee. Me with the #girlbosses: Brit Morin, CEO and founder of Brit+ Co, and Jordan Ferney, DIY blogger of Oh Happy Day.

Hope you enjoyed a different variation of my usual outfit of the days today, and found some new websites to check out and read/learn from, and create!! Get creatin’.


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Outfits of the week

ootwFirst of all: Lol at Thursday’s windswept hair. The air conditioner was blowing in my face and I was too lazy to run upstairs to turn it off to take a few snaps of myself. Get whatcha get I say! Ha.

Still haven’t had to wear socks yet here in California. Not complaining at all, because shortly I’m sure I’ll be huddled in a blanket shivering. When the temp drops in the slightest, I get the chills and my hands are like glacier cubes. Not ice cubes. Glacier. Layers of cold, you know? :)

Which outfit is your favourite? I’m pretty partial to Friday. I love that entire outfit together, I’ve worn it many times. Trying not to wear it daily. Then again, who would know I’d wear it daily, if it weren’t for these outfits of the week? I mean, really. I also love my blue Zara pants for Wednesday. They’re so stretchy and comfortable, and that pop of blue is a little odd, but blends in a little bit too. Ie: Not too crazy. They have more colours again this year. I happened to grab one of the last pairs when they had a major sale this time last year.

I think for Tuesday’s outfit, it would totally be something Megan would wear. I like to call it a Megan-Inspired outfit!

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Le Diner en Blanc

Dinner-tableI was invited to attend my first Le Diner en Blanc inspired White Party at an undisclosed location in San Francisco until the day-of the event with my friend as her +1. Luckily for us it turned out to be quite a warm San Francisco evening as we drove to Golden Gate Park for a special two-table VIP treatment and dinner put off by Acura and Handmade events. The rest of the crowed bought their tickets, set up their tables and chairs (provided), and decorated their seating areas with intricate details (see more photos on Jessica’s blog post).


4-pics-in-1We were served a delicious meal with appetizers and dessert which I filmed a good bit of on my YouTube channel, also check that out.

Of course we wanted a few outfits of the evening, so I asked Jessica if she could take some pictures of me for the blog. Especially considering I was wearing my fancy new sandals by Free People (which were sent to me for review, after I picked them out).

White-OOTDWhat I wore:

Headpiece: borrowed from Jessica
Tank: Urban Behaviour
White Jeans: JC Penny
Sandals: Free People
Nail polish: Dior


getting-shySometimes I get awkward in front of the camera, posing for pictures. So I gave to get out of frame and do a little dance. Or in this case, run away ;)





Table-scapeNot going to lie. I totally considered asking Acura if I could take the one of flower boxes home with me.


* Photos of me taking by Jessica.

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