Orange gone wrong

So I dyed my hair last Friday. I wanted to mimick the hair style that I had back in 2005. I even printed off the photo, you’d think he’d get the point how bold and bright it’d be, right?

I ended up coming home with this:

Um, nice dye job there buddy. Where’s the orange? He added me to his BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) right as soon as I was leaving the salon. I was very disappointed and ended up thankfully going out with some friends that evening who reassured me it looked good. I should have listened. Because last Saturday I BBM’ed my stylist saying I needed to come back. I wanted him to bleach out parts of my hair and put the orange in. You could barely notice the orange. It was even just a stupid aburn color, and not bold and BAM vibrant.

I went back on Friday, just two days ago and I walked out with this: I suppose that is what I had originally wanted. Except, he did it symmetrically on both sides now, and it just doesn’t look like someone “tried” very hard to make it look good, you know? I look like I have flippin wings growing on the sides of my brain.

He also didn’t leave the orange dye on for very long so it’s very bright up by my scalp, and towards the ends they look so faded. I think its’ because he knew he was making this up for me, and wasn’t charging me. I was the only person left in the salon at that point, the whole shop had closed. I think he was getting sick of me and trying to rush the whole thing. But perhaps I’m just over reacting.

Someone even asked if it was an April Fool’s joke! LOL Ohhh sad face. To be truthful, I think I’m over this orange phase already and it’s only been two days. I’m already regretting dying my hair at all.

I washed it this morning and all of the orange came out. I am NEVER going to that stylist again to dye my hair. I have to say, he does cut my hair nicely. So that part I haven’t decided about.

What was wrong with this!?

Why didn’t I consult anyone about this before I went and did something stupid. I am so angry with myself lol. Biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time.

I want to mention that this guy is fabulous at cutting my hair and my hair has never been so healthy. But would you go back in 9weeks and get a re-dye and dye it back to a medium brown? Or should I go back to another stylist for the dye job?

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  1. Aw, that really sucks he didn’t do what you asked him to! I do like what he did the first time though, even if it wasn’t what you wanted. Looked good!

  2. I would go back to him on Monday and show him how it all washed out. Explain that you are not happy at all and then see if he can just dye it back to medium brown for less then full price.
    It sucks that he messed it up and now you don’t like it, thats why I’m always iffy about dying my hair.

  3. If you’re not happy, tell him. I used to be so shy about this and then would sulk and be unhappy about how my hair looked. Call him or BBM him and say hey, I’m coming to show you my hair, I’m not happy about it.

  4. Agh I would never go back to him for dye! It didn’t really look like the picture you showed him as far as placement etc goes but now it washed out too!? Awful! I’m sorry you got screwed over Nancy.

  5. I think it’s time for your angry face! He took your money, he owes you the hair style you showed him. If he can’t produce, he should give your mulah back.

  6. I wouldn’t go back to him for another dye job (but that’s just me).

    I actually had a really shitty dye job @ a place in Ottawa in January. The chick effed up my hair and the manager/owner told me to come back to get it fixed. I was so ROTTED and then realized that the girl who screwed up my hair was going to be the one to fix it again. Umm. no thanks. Pretty sure she JUST came out of hair school.

    So I just sucked it up for a few months.

    Last week, I went to a high end hair place and got them to dye my hair, cut it, and basically make it look good again. A little over a hr later, I had amazing hair.

    So maybe– if you hate your hair sooo much right now– you should go and get it fixed or dyed over at a better salon?

  7. Two things…NO ONE ELSE ENTER…I am the lone American entrant! haha!

    Second…I am sorry about the hair mess up. I think that he is he cuts really well you should continue to see him for the cuts but maybe use someone else for dye jobs. Tough call. I’m sorry! :(

  8. I hope your stylist does not read this blog…..he may have the idea of fixing the colour for the 3rd time. Thanks God your hair will recover your own colour really soon so you will remember this mess with humour.

  9. Oh dear!! When I was 15 I had blonde highlights. When I was 16 I decided to dye my hair red. I ended up looking like a tiger, it was horrendous and I had to dye my hair black three times to go back to the normal brown I was used to. Terrible!!

  10. Aw, boourns! So frustrating and disappointing when you communicate a clear idea to your stylist and then get something completely different from what you wanted. Hopefully you can convince your stylist to put it back for no cost. You asked for something specific and didn’t get it (twice!), so he should return your hair back to normal. But I am just an outsider, so do whatever you feel is right.

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