Getting fancy with the scrubs

I must be channeling my inner working days at the Hospital. Because I can’t seem to stop talking about tall scrub uniforms. I mean, there are tall doctors out there just the same height as some of the super tall basketball players. My Uncle was a very tall and a broad man. I’m not sure that he had to wear scrubs very often though. But still. I bet shopping for uniforms like that would be cheaper in the United States than here in Canada.

Even if you work at a vet clinic they need to wear vet tech scrubs too right? I personally like the ones with subtle design. Not so much with cartoons, but something that isn’t just plain either. Don’t forget about white medical lab coats too. Even if you don’t have to wear scrubs where you work, you may have to wear those.But if you’re working in a lab or maybe you’re a school teacher in the Science department, your pupils would be needing these to wear so they don’t spill stuff all over their school clothes.

Really, when you think about it—lab coats, scrubs, and all that other stuff is a really big industry to be involved with. I should really buy into the stock market. That is, if I knew how to work the stock market ha!

Does anyone that read my blog have to wear one for work? Or maybe have you ever dressed up as a Doctor or Nurse for Halloween one year?

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  1. One of my friends is a (short) nurse and she has to wear scrubs the hospital picks out for her. She claimed that they’re crazy expensive and just plain blue. How lame would that be?!

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