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Last night, let me tell you guys — I totally passed out at 7pm and didn’t wake up until 7:30am the next morning. Now tell me that isn’t a long slumber? I don’t even have a sleep number bed to blame it all on. I guess I was seriously somewhat exhausted? From what? I have no idea! I ended up doing a bit of shopping for my Mom’s birthday right after work. But I won’t be posting any photos of what I bought her because she occasionally reads this blog. Hi Momma!! But what I will show you are some crazy deals I got at Aeropostale. I rarely head into that store because I feel super old when I’m there, with all the 10 year old girls trying on stuff. But I secretly love the clothes there! So, I started browsing and found $5.99 flip flops.They were orignially $29.99. I picked up two pairs, aren’t they adorbs? Tell me they’re adorable!! I can’t wait for the weekend to wear them. Or maybe I can wear them to work? Hmm…I think I’m definitely going to go to this store more often because their sales prices are just insanely good.


ootdWork Attire post #2 … coming right up! (#1 can be viewed here, or just view all upcoming outfit posts under the Fashion category.)

I had to crop my face out in this one — I was making a sour face for no reason. Maybe the concentration of holding the blackberry steady so it wouldn’t blur my snapshot. You get the jist anyway.This was taken in the back room at work. Hee hee, sneaky. I have a white cardigan that goes over the top too, especially in an office environment when the A/C is cranked. Don’t forget to enlarge the image if you want to see a bigger photo.

Top: Purchased years ago (2006 for my “going away party” & moving from Newfoundland to Ontario) at Dynamite clothing store. It was probably $25 knowing that store.
Capris: these are from Jacob (price unknown/forgotten), and I bought them when I got hired at the Financial Institution in spring/summer 2007.
Shoes: Bought at Reitman’s in April/May–ish and are totally falling apart (mainly because I wore them out in the rain a few times. Oops). They were on clearance for $24.
White Cardigan [not pictured]: Purchased from Zara (in Toronto) last summer. $12!!!

Well isn’t that a sight? I had no idea my torso looked so short and stumpy in this top.  Perhaps these black capri’s aren’t the best match for this top.  ALSO…My chiropractor’s receptionist (who happens to be from Newfoundland too) really hates my shoes that I’m wearing in this photo. She says they’re too wide for my feet. I don’t care though, they’re pretty comfy, and cheap — of course, they’re falling apart now since I sit in my chair with my shoes on facing the floor. So my right ‘toe’ on every shoe is basically worn out. Wow I really need to purchase some new things. I hadn’t realized my clothes seemed so … old. I promise, I do shop! :)

I have a serious back log of “work attire” outfits that I have yet to post! How exciting. Stay tuned for the next couple of days!

[This ‘outfit of the day’ was worn on July 14, 2009.]

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  1. I can’t believe she told you that she hated your shoes. I would have had to try hard to not be like “Oh yah? Well I hate your face!” :P

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