july15Ya. I know it’s Saturday and I’m totally blogging about what I was wearing to work on Wednesday. It’s okay, I’m going to start relaxing packing for another one of Boyfriend’s triathlons tomorrow morning just as I finish this post right up! I should blog what I’m wearing, today instead! Whatevs. I think later I’m going to end up looking at more cars. Surprised? Shouldn’t be.

Top: Abercrombie (circa 2007/2008?)
Capris: Mexx purchased in 2007. The most versatile capri’s I’ve ever worn/purchased. These are made of thicker material and are so immune to looking dirty or stained like a white pant/short would. These are amaaazing.
Brown Flats: From ALDO shoe store and a half size too big, but they didn’t have my shoe size so I bought inserts. They’re so comfy, and they look much better with age.

I have a little story about the top I’m wearing. I used to go online to abercrombie’s website and purchase things when they were on clearance since I knew my size and everything. At one point I was getting a bit worried with my online order because it didn’t have a tracking number so after 15 business days were up, I called their toll free number and asked where my package was. Turned out that the sweater and the boxers (for my boyf) that I ordered were “lost in the mail”. I was automatically sent a new package with my purchases. Both packages ended up coming to me in the mail within two business days. I had a double order.  I ended going into Toronto because there’s no limit as to when you can return things there. So, I decided to return one of the two sweaters (boyfriend loves the Abercrombie boxers so he kept his) and I ended up getting this top I’m wearing!


[This ‘outfit of the day’ was worn on July 15, 2009.]

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