Faux paux

Do you ever feel like you need fashion advice?

On weeks where I feel ambitious, I actually get my work clothes ready for the whole week on Sunday evenings — which has become a rare occurrence now that Boyfriend has been having races on Sundays and my soccer games right after. Certain days, I know that I’m rockin’ out and looking all accessorized, but for the majority I feel like I’m a boring dresser.

After moving to Ontario, from back home — I’ve become more fashionable or broadening my horizons and not just wearing yoga pants, jeans and t–shirts. I’ve ventured out to Bermuda shorts, flats, and blouses. s.

Perhaps it’s all because I’m not a student any more and I work at a financial institution and need to be quite presentable even though I don’t deal with the public directly. But sometimes, I just can’t put things together. I feel like I’m so boring. Which is why I think I’m going to start posting outfits and saving my paid–blogging–money to purchase these things.

I think I need to plan  a trip to NY with my BFF Jenna, as I’ve been envying posters like Summer, and Jill. I want to scope out J. Crew, Black and White store (what is that called? lol), Gilly Hicks (Their bras look so pretty), Ruehl 21 (mainly for the purses), and I dunno Victoria Secret too.

I think I need to seriously sit down and plan a shopping trip with the bestie at the end of the year.

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  1. I have no good clothes in my wardrobe. Ever since I’ve been planning for my trip, shopping has been off the agenda. And I feel daggy and bad in whatever I’m wearing most of the time. It’s such a frequent feeling, I’m starting to get used to it! A shopping trip to NY will definately solve your problems – and mine too! I might have to do just that…!

    So excited, must do some shopping to, but since going with a boy it might not be that fun :)
    Please post outfits! I do like your style.

  3. i’m going to save up to go to London next summer and shop! Like really SHOP!!! I think I’m going to save up 10.000 DKK it is about 1600 US dollar.
    I want to wear more dresses and girly outfits too, I need new clothes lol, all i have is soccer shorts and boring old jeans.

  4. I feel that way ALL the time. As I’ve gotten older I’ve made significant efforts to accessorize, but I still feel like I never look nice. I think I was somehow trained to save my “nice clothes” for a special occasion, so I never wear them… but you only live once, right!? :)

  5. I’d love to go to White House Black Market too. Their clothes look so pretty. If you can’t plan a NYC trip, try online shopping. J Crew ships to Canada. Also, give Martin & Osa a try. They have free shipping and returns to Canadians which is really rare in the world of online shopping.
    If you ever need inspiration, try the site Polyvore.
    Have fun!

  6. If you decide to go to NYC, hurry it up before I move out of the “tri-state” area! I will meet you there and we can shop to our heart’s content! hehe :P

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