Thank goodness for automatic ‘savedraft’!!

Wow. WordPress is amazing. I’m so glad they have the automatic save button, because I sure as hell never press it! My firefox browser just crashed and I had this huge post written out. Thankfully it was saved when I restarted firefox. Whewf!!

I’m always a bit delayed on the weekend updates. Meh, is all I have to say for that! Poor boyfriend ‘s shoulder is slowly getting better and so I’ve spent the last week and a half at his place, cooking supper, doing laundry and dishes. Just pat me on the back, what a gal … what a gal! Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit wrecked for no good reason at all! It was pretty relaxing too. I mean, this weekend he was supposed to do a triathlon, but I talked him out of it and told him to keep his eye on the long term goals and focus on healing his shoulder for Ironman Canada that I told you all about. On Friday night I decided to cancel last minute my hair appointment which was on Saturday morning so I could sleep in (and save the $60!). Hope he didn’t mind! I’m sure he hates it when that happens, but hey — his hair salon is actually attached to his house. So he could’ve went back to bed, I suppose. We slept in until 11:30 (such a great night’s sleep) and then my boyfriend drove me all over God’s farm looking at cars for me (well, of course I went too). I think I ruled out the one in the next city as it was 71,000km’s and even though it looked to be in great condition on the website, and when I first saw it — boyfriend thought otherwise. The ’04 and ’05 models are more prone to paint bubbling especially on the wheel wells. Though the one I looked at was an ’06 and still had a bit of rust/paint chipping on the wheel wells. So, I ruled it out! I ain’t buying that foo’! Especially for the price they were asking.

Instead, we went to look at two other (white) mazda 3 hatchbacks. There was one in the city where I currently reside, however the turn around for that specific dealership is so quick, that I’d have to make my mind up immediately. Each week they have different mazda’s out on the lot. It’s nuts, and I like to take my time with anything, as you may already know by the amount of talking I do about this stupid mazda 3. I want it already!! We then headed down to one of the cities in the tri–city area I live in — it was about a 30 minute drive and poked away in a huge lot. I knew it was sitting on the lot for quite some time, so I wanted to see what the deal was with the car. I looked at it, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Sunroof, Heated seats, leather interior, and 6 CD changer! I’m totally sold on it. Except for the price. It’s about $2,600 more than I wanted to spend. But I’m having my boyfriend (again) look into the actual dealership itself to see if it’s a sketchy place and whether or not to stay away from it. I totally want to give the guy an offer and ask him to take $1,600 off the price. I’m doubtful, but willing to pay more than originally budgeted. I’m getting stressed out now, to the point where I don’t find it fun to look at cars anymore. I just want my cute hatchy. Hatchoo I should totally call it! Though, that’s a pretty retarded nickname for a car. Sounds like a sneeze. lol.


Sunday was also pretty eventful as we headed out to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) in Toronto, and spent the majority of the day there. I can’t get over the fact that some people can be so ignorant when it comes to museums. Let me tell you a story… We went on a quick 40 minute tour of the European section of the gallery and while our tour guide was very hard to understand with the weird lisp he had, he certainly held his own. Especially when a woman in our tour decided to try and TOUCH one of the freaking 400 year old paintings (don’t remember the name) to see if there was glass over top. Who does that? Seriously. Have some respect. There should be a security guard in every room, not just every second (1 guard / 3 rooms). It’s mind boggling that people don’t realize their greasy fingers can ruin such things, and they don’t give a crap. Either that or aren’t thinking clearly. I say, GTFO. I was so mad lol.

ago3We were obviously only allowed to take photos of the architecture in the building. Especially since it was redesigned by Frank Gehry, I was so excited to go and see it. I’ve always got sneak previews from my favorite Toronto’s own photographer Sam. So above (and left) are a few snaps I took the other day. While on the tour we saw Peter Paul Rubens Massacre of the Innocence first painting and while the tour guide was speaking about this valuable immaculate piece of art, one of the children on the tours decides to walk up to it and look closely. Like inches close. Tour guide again, nearly has a heart attack and asks the child to kindly step back and then proceeds to tell us all that 3 meters is acceptable distance from a painting. I was surprised that the Massacre of the Innocence was right out in the open like that, with no wires holding us back from “touching it” or alarms near it. That piece is the most expensive piece of art bought at an auction. I googled it earlier and I think it was 98 million dollars? Yeah.

I mean, I’m sure it happens more often than not. I saw it happen so many times in the 5 hours I was there on Sunday. We should all get a speech or something before entering the building. No cameras, No touching! I saw so many flashes go off, and so many kids and adults go up to the oil paintings and marble sculptures. I’m wondering how many have broken in the past, from curious fingers! Tsk tsk! Thankfully coming back from the AGO on Sunday, we did not get stuck in cottage country traffic. I guess mainly because we weren’t in cottage country haha! But I’ve noticed a lot of flat tires on the 401 on Sunday. Brutal stuff. Pretty dangerous too. Especially being on a motorcycle. Boy those buggers fly past you at an amazing speed. I’m afraid for them. I saw one guy had his bike up on a motorcycle jack trying to fix it on the shoulder. OUCH! At least it wasn’t raining!?


Friday and Sunday night I had a soccer game (I’m on two different leagues. Friday: Co–ed, Sunday: Women’s) and I think we lost both games. I scored another goal on Sunday — finally. I’m starting to get back into the rhythm of things from playing in indoor all winter. I usually score at least one per game, and this season I’ve scored 3 goals in 7 games. Not so great. Plus, it was a tough game as the defenders were putting two and three women on each of our team mates, so we could barely get past them during the whole game. I did get my boyfriend to take photos of me throughout the game. I love the one where the girl is totally on the ground face first and I just keep running along like nothing happened. Hey, I didn’t trip her. She fell. The third photo down, where everyone is all jumbled up is actually where I was scoring a goal! Boyfriend got a great photo. Unfortunately you can’t see the net. It was a corner kick and went directly to me! So yeah! That sums up my weekend…

On a completely unrelated note. WTF is with all the bugs at my work? I am so creeped out and want to wear long sleeves, socks and pants during this time of year. It’s disgusting. I saw a huge 1 inch earwig crawl right in front of my keyboard (while typing!) this morning, and found TWO flying ants ON MY ARM! Disgusting disgusting absolutely cringe-worthy. I hate bugs.

Okay, bye! Enjoy your day!

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  1. I agree with you I hate people who can´t behave properly in a museum and, being a bike rider, many times I feel shame on them…….nice word bugger (I had never heard it before)

  2. I would definitely try and ask to get the car for a little bit cheaper, it cant hurt to ask. When I got my car in march I told him how much i wanted to spend and not a penny more (with taxes included) and I got it for that price. I think I ended up saving about 1-2 thousand or something like that.

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