An Alfie update + 23 weeks preg OOTD

The days are quiet, and I wouldn’t go as far as say they’re lonely. Just occasionally long. We still don’t have a fridge (don’t ask) but our 20 year old mini fridge is thankfully holding up, and currently keeping Alfie’s all-chicken-diet cold.

Due to Alfie’s situation at the moment, ideally I’d love to take a few weeks off blogging and those endless (yet fun, yes) to do lists. But it’s unfair for the brands I’ve partnered with and agreed to post at a certain time. I’ve emailed and asked for an extension to some, but if I do that with everything and everyone, I’ll be in the same conundrum as I am now. Overwhelmed with due dates for posts.
Do you love the grey star rug? It’s machine washable and it’s designed in Spain, made in India using all natural dyes. It’s not long term in the kitchen, but it’s for the babys nursery! Lorena Canals kindly sent it over for me to review. But I plopped it in the kitchen for now since Alfie slides all over the floor otherwise, and I want to keep him as comfy as possible – considering he follows me everywhere and tons of time is spent in the kitchen feeding him 4x/day lol.
So this is why I’m showing you our unpacked home, a PR sample from the wonderful folks at PinkBlush Maternity, and talking to you guys about the real deal. What’s going on in our lives right now.
I guess I needed to sit down and vent, especially after the huge scare Alfie gave us this week. 3 trips in 3 days to the emergency vet (with 1. If you’re new here or haven’t seen this IG post, Alfie is our sweet Pomeranian (that we basically treat like a child — no shame) who’s 7, and last weekend was diagnosed with lymphoma. Tuesday and Wednesday morning he did something terribly scary and we brought him to the e.r. vet once again. Each day with this little fart is a different story. Many up’s and down’s with this guy.
Since he was feeling well today I thought I’d pump out a few OOTD pictures that were almost due. This picture was taken moments ago, and as I said before, him eating his all chicken diet which thankfully he completely gobbles down.
Although I received the Pink Blush top in a medium, it does feel a bit oversized. But I think that’s great since it’ll probably due me until February, right? It’s sort of a velvety feeling terrycloth material that I wouldn’t hesitate wearing to bed, too hehe!
Pink Blush Light Olive sweater ($38)
H&M maternity leggings ($12)
Foot Petal Andi sneakers (sent for review too, from Influenster)
My OOTDs lately are pretty boring since I’m living in just two pairs of maternity pants, the same shoes (except omg I got a pair of fancy comfy sneaks in the mail earlier this week from Influenster which will diversify my wardrobe a bit!) and a different top. Come back tomorrow for another look, haha!
Disclaimer: Huge thanks to my pal Megan for hooking me up with PinkBlush to be an ambassador with them too! As a PinkBlush Ambassador I get 2 points for 2 pieces of clothing to review. Each time I post = 1 point. I did not receive monetary compensation for posting about the brand. 
Influenster (as mentioned above) sent me the Foot Petals free/complimentary for testing purposes. #WalkingOnPetals. 
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Maternity clothing: yay or nay?

Up until week 18-19 my clothing fit fine, for the most part. A lot of my jeans would feel tight around the belly area, but the Zara jeans (which I really hate to wear frequently since they honestly don’t last very long especially considering I only have 2 pairs of jeans at a time) were the only one’s that I’d been wearing from week 13 on wards, besides my Joe Fresh velvet-like leggings which are so incredibly comfortable.

Then I got my Cuddl Duds velour pants, which I was living in, waiting for my online H&M order to arrive with all my maternity pants (I bought 6 pairs of pants/leggings, trying to decipher my preg-size, the style I wanted, etc). They arrived, I kept 2, and I returned 4 of them earlier this week. For ages I didn’t think maternity clothing was worth it. I would only be wearing them for a few months, and if/when I get pregnant again, it might be opposite seasons — thus “wasting” my money. I thought for the longest time I could do without, and buy bigger sizes in regular-wear. However I did indulge-if-you-will, in some H&M maternity jeans to get by. You’ll get sick of only wearing 2 pairs of pants for the past few months, I tell ya. I wanted to feel like I was wearing clothing that actually fit me, and I didn’t have to unbutton each time I sat down. Ha! I honestly think you can simply get away with up-sizing your tops, but for pants — I’d prefer maternity style, just for the comfort and not having anything dig into my stomach.

I also received some items from PinkBlush Maternity (thanks to my pal Megan!) that you’ve seen on the blog already, which are cute, comfortable and most of all — affordable. I don’t spend much on clothing honestly, and these I’m sure will work during, and after pregnancy.

Pink Blush Lavender Striped Colorblock Sleeve Maternity Top ($33)
H&M Super Skinny Maternity Jeans ($34)
Fossil Campbell Crossbody ($138)

How long did you use/wear your maternity clothing for? As in, post-pregnancy? I don’t have any qualms with wearing it for as long as it takes, but I’m interested in learning and hearing some feedback!

Also — has anyone bought pregnancy bras? I don’t know where to look, or where to go. Why are they helpful? I think my bras pre-preg were too big to begin with, so I haven’t had to size up (yet?). Haha!

Disclaimer: Huge thanks to my pal Megan for hooking me up with PinkBlush to be an ambassador with them too! As a PinkBlush Ambassador I get 2 points for 2 pieces of clothing to review. Each time I post = 1 point. I did not receive monetary compensation for posting about the brand. 

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Autumn attire

The weather has been finicky at best. It’s confused and I’m craving that refreshing crisp cool air. Perhaps it’s because I’m pregnant now that I can’t handle any more summertime temp’s. C’mon Autumn, I want to drink my hot lattes without getting overheated, ha! We had a few days of it a week or two ago, but this entire week it’s in the low 30s and I’m talking Celsius here folks. So it’s been hot! While I definitely love California living and wouldn’t change it for the world, I think sometimes (ok rarely) I crave a bit of Canadian weather, re: cooler temps. That, or I could just drive to the coast or even up to San Francisco to get my fix of crisp Autumn air.

With that being said, I suppose you could say I’m getting my fill of Autumn attire only by browsing online. Following are a few Autumn inspired pieces I’ve been eyeing for my closet:

1] Canada Goose Olive Windbreaker | 2] Sorel Major Boot | 3] Herschel Supply Co. Backpack | 4] Raised By Wolves Dad Cap | 5] Reigning Champ Sweatshirt | 6] Canada Goose Camp Hooded Jacket | 7] Sorel Chelsea BootAll items sold on Lyst

Although my style is pretty easy-going, and I feel as if these Fall pieces felt so right, especially together. The olive tones of the Canada Goose jacket pairs perfectly with the Sorel Boots, and it simply balances the outfit. Pop on a pair of leggings, that Herschel Supply Co. backpack, and you’ve smoothed out the look for an outfit completely within my comfort zone. If you love the vibes of these items I picked out, you’ll love shopping at Lyst!

Any of my picks from the site catch your eye? What are some of your must-have’s this fall?

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