Autumn attire

The weather has been finicky at best. It’s confused and I’m craving that refreshing crisp cool air. Perhaps it’s because I’m pregnant now that I can’t handle any more summertime temp’s. C’mon Autumn, I want to drink my hot lattes without getting overheated, ha! We had a few days of it a week or two ago, but this entire week it’s in the low 30s and I’m talking Celsius here folks. So it’s been hot! While I definitely love California living and wouldn’t change it for the world, I think sometimes (ok rarely) I crave a bit of Canadian weather, re: cooler temps. That, or I could just drive to the coast or even up to San Francisco to get my fix of crisp Autumn air.

With that being said, I suppose you could say I’m getting my fill of Autumn attire only by browsing online. Following are a few Autumn inspired pieces I’ve been eyeing for my closet:

1] Canada Goose Olive Windbreaker | 2] Sorel Major Boot | 3] Herschel Supply Co. Backpack | 4] Raised By Wolves Dad Cap | 5] Reigning Champ Sweatshirt | 6] Canada Goose Camp Hooded Jacket | 7] Sorel Chelsea BootAll items sold on Lyst

Although my style is pretty easy-going, and I feel as if these Fall pieces felt so right, especially together. The olive tones of the Canada Goose jacket pairs perfectly with the Sorel Boots, and it simply balances the outfit. Pop on a pair of leggings, that Herschel Supply Co. backpack, and you’ve smoothed out the look for an outfit completely within my comfort zone. If you love the vibes of these items I picked out, you’ll love shopping at Lyst!

Any of my picks from the site catch your eye? What are some of your must-have’s this fall?

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Pregnancy thoughts: first trimester (+OOTD)

The first trimester has come and gone, and that scary stage waiting until you hit that “safe mark” of 13-14 weeks is over. Unlike most, my first trimester was so uneventful. I had no symptoms at all. So, this post will be a short one, ha!

I kept everything on the down-low for so long, primarily because I wanted to make sure everything was honky-dory and moving along smoothly. That, and the fact it was still so surreal to me. Only last week I did my pregnancy announcement where I drove to Santa Cruz and had my friend take some announcement photos for me.

While most people think having zero pregnancy symptoms are a blessing, I thought quite the opposite! Until I returned home from our trip to Canada (where I was then ~8 weeks pregnant) I didn’t feel any different than my regular self. Zero aversions to anything, zero morning sickness. Zero symptoms. I wanted to feel… something. Although I’m generally a 100%  optimistic person who rarely feels stressed (lol), I was pessimistic each time I went for an ultrasound, and was happily surprised each time they said “and there’s the heartbeat”. The first time I heard it was the first and only time I got emotional about it, and teared up. I was all “Whoa that is not my heartbeat racing, is it?!”. It was pretty cool.

Week 9-10| This is when I started feeling fatigued. It was extreme to the point I was falling asleep sitting up talking to my husband. I napped up to 4 hours a day, and sleeping right through the night. I kept referring back to the 3 pregnancy apps on my phone when my husband told me that fatigue wasn’t normal. Sidenote: It’s real, and totally normal.

Week 11-12| Then around week 11, my nose started becoming more sensitive to smells. I could smell a physicians formula bronzer from about 6 feet away at GenBeauty SF, asking the sales associate if there was something coconut scented at the booth. Wild, right?

Week 13| A light switched in my body and I become so alert. The fatigue completely disappeared and I had so much energy I was waking up at 5-6am every day. Even in the middle of the night, completely wide awake at 2am, checking my phone for e-mails and scrolling on Instagram. Pregnancy is so weird.

Other than that, it’s honestly been pretty uneventful with the symptoms. I kept telling the Doctor that I was worried I had none. Everyone told me how lucky I was, but I hated hearing that — because no. No symptoms to me, meant no baby. At least with a symptom I could pair it up with the baby still being in there. Right? And oh my gosh avoid those pregnancy threads on your phone apps. Bad idea! So many horror stories.

Like I mentioned above, I haven’t had any aversions to food, nor any cravings. I did notice my nails feeling healthier and not chipping as easily. And what’s with the hair-thickness feeling? I don’t get why my hair feels thick. It’s obviously not thicker, but why does it feel thicker?

As for bump photos — I didn’t take any at all in the first trimester. As much as I was thrilled, I didn’t want to do anything to jinx it! So instead, here are some from this Monday (lol).

Pink Blush Grey Heathered Dolman Stitch Maternity Sweater ($36)
H&M Super Skinny Maternity Jeans ($34)
Fossil Campbell Crossbody ($138)
H&M faux-suede slip-on sneakers ($15)


Livin’ that decaf latte life. Ha!!

Disclaimer: Huge thanks to my pal Megan for hooking me up with PinkBlush to be an ambassador with them too! As a PinkBlush Ambassador I get 2 points for 2 pieces of clothing to review. Each time I post = 1 point. I did not receive monetary compensation for posting about the brand. 

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5 Reasons Why Cuddl Duds Are My Go-To Layers


As mentioned in the last blog post we’re slowly but surely we’re gathering everything up and packing up our first home here in California. Leaving that chapter, and starting it by getting ready for our little one’s arrival in the new year.

A few times I week I go over and explore the chic little neighbourhood and find myself wandering around every afternoon like I already belong. A true local. The Mister told me that the neighbours are definitely “not going to know what to think of me” — I suppose you can say I might liven up that neighbourhood, who knows. I’ve already met a few of them thus far. They seem normal! But I can be naive lol.

I’m sure I’ll count my blessings in February upon baby’s arrival, when my fifteen minutes to get ready buzzes with the cries of a newborn. And you betcha I’ll be slipping into some easy to wear, and layer, Cuddl Duds (you can buy ’em at JCPenney!). I think it’s the velvet.

I love velvet everything.

I bought a velvet-like blanket at Target last year for our bed.

I also bought some velvet leggings that I’ve worn-to-death and should be retired soon. But they won’t be.

Velvet scrunchies? Yup. I got those too. 

If you ask me to define my style, I’d have to say I’ve finally figured out what colours I reach for, what colours make me feel vibrant (without using too many bold colours ha!) and confident. The vibe is pretty much what it always has been, laid back, somewhat tomboy style, but always classic. I’d say I fit into this California casual look pretty easily, with lots of natural earth tone shades (olive greens, blush pinks, greys and whites are my name of the game + throw in some black for good measure).

You know you’ve truly acquired a great staple piece when you wear it multiple times within the same week. Only taking it off to wash hang to dry, wear and repeat. It’s the case of the comfortable can’t help but touch, super soft velvet like leggings from Cuddl Duds (well technically called Double Plush Velour). The epitome of fall comfort.

I visualize myself styling them endless ways, from chunky knits and riding boots to long flowy tops and slip on sneakers, carrying me all throughout the season. Not to mention the fact they’re under $50. Spose it doesn’t hurt to pick up a backup pair for myself because lord knows I’ll be wearing these out before 2018 rolls around. It doesn’t have to have a high price tag to look good. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself these last few years without a steady paycheque and (some) disposable income. (Clearly) I partnered with Cuddl Duds to put together this look from the collection, and it’s an outfit that I’m excited to wear leading up to the cooler months.

Items shown:
Long Sleeve Crew Top – Color: Black (Fleecewear with Stretch)
Legging – Color: Black (Double Plush Velour)
Long Sleeve Crew Top – Color: Marled Grey (SoftKnit)

I also received two tops I should probably discuss here as well. But you can tell that the star of the show (for me) are the leggings. The tops are really comfy and are definitely a great layering piece. They’re almost the sort of layers you’d pair under some clothes if you were going skiing, or in my case, perhaps visiting Canada in the winter. I’m going back to buy another pair of the velvet leggings. Maybe in a smaller size, I was generous in my sizing.

Some days I come to the new house, and sit in an empty room to escape the packing boxes chaos at our old place. I’m sitting in the nursery (which we obviously have done nothing with, thus far). I also don’t always have someone on-hand to take a fancy photo of me for This is what you get. And here are 5 Reasons Why Cuddl Duds Are My Go-To Layers:

  1. I want to wear something comfortable, stretchy, and non-restricting on my growing pregnant belly.
  2. Velvet. I love velvet.
  3. They exude the epitome of winter-time warmth and comfort.
  4. Even if you’re not pregnant and want to wear these leggings to a big ol’ turkey dinner meal, you totally can.
  5. Everything is easy to accessorize, sprinkle on your bracelets, rings, watches, add a scarf and top with a lightweight coat.

I’m ready to chill hard on the front porch for the afternoon and let the seconds go by a little slower.

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