My CrossFit Journal (week 52)

It’s my first anniversary at CrossFit!! I’ve been going for a whole YEAR. That seems like madness to me. Regular gym memberships hold my interest for 4 months tops, and to see myself still going frequently without much break to CrossFit excites me! What’ve got rounded up for this week? Not much gotta admit. I was feeling pretty lazy this week. So I didn’t go as often as I wanted to. Next week will be better!


Week 52 Day 1.


Power Cleans; 115/80lbs
Thrusters; 115/80lbs

That’s 21 power cleans, then 21 thrusters, 15 power cleans, 15 thrusters, and so on. OH MY LORD.

I used 45lbs in total and finished the workout in 16:13. My shoulders are still pretty weak in comparison to the rest of my body. So the thrusters were taking their toll on me. Especially on my right wrist. Power through it! I had enough of it all when I had to start the thrusters again, but then I totally played with my mind. I pretended I was throwing my nephews up in the air and somehow, it made it easier. I wasn’t thinking about the weight at all. I was thinking about my nephews. Funny what your brain can trick you to do.

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  1. You cross fitters are studs! Fantastic that you’ve been at it for a year. I tried it last summer and really liked it. I’ve got a marathon in April, then would like to get into some more regular cross fit training.

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