Share your Christmas presents!

Not literally. But share them in the comments below!

I love knowing what people got for Christmas. In fact, I already know what I’m getting my little nephews for Christmas 2013. Is that kind of insane? It’s not really, because I think I’m well prepared, and love to really think about what someone would enjoy. A thoughtful gift! I think giving gifts is so much more fun than getting.

One of the most practical gifts I got this year was a Samsung NX10 camera from the Boyf, and a meat thermometer from my parents. You don’t understand how much both of those gifts mean to me, haha!! It’s so fun being an adult.

If you read my blog post from yesterday you’d know that I teamed up with my neighbour and we went in on a gift for my parents. Since that was their main present and I knew it wouldn’t be opened until we went to the neighbours to give it to them, I had to think of some “filler” gifts. I wrapped everything you could think of. Razors, tooth brushes, and even magic erasers were wrapped up.

Keurig-PlatinumI also managed to get a pretty sweet deal on a Platinum Keurig for my parents. So far, so good. Too bad when I bought it from Sears, they didn’t have any hot chocolate, or tea flavored k-cups. I would’ve loved to try it out. But since I don’t like coffee, I didn’t get to taste its goodness.

A book was given to my Dad from my Bro + Sister-In-Law. Dad’s a retired Architect and loves anything to do with buildings and constructing new one’s. I’m a little interested in architecture as well, not so much of what goes into building a home, but more of the design of it. I had no idea that you could use Insulated concrete forms (those big ol’ concrete blocks) to keep your home warm, rather than using foam. Instead it’s a wood and concrete material (cement bonded wood fiber), which is supposedly energy efficient, termite proof, and even sound proof.

Since the product is made from 100% natural recycled wood and then bonded with cement, it doesn’t burn or melt. I think I’d like a whole house made out of that. My childhood fear was having my home burned down!

I don’t plan on building a home anytime soon but having an Architect for a father, and all these online resources for looking up on the best ways to build your home, is pretty sweet.

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  1. Glad you had such a great visit back home!!!! I feel ya, I don’t want to leave home either! The gift you got your parents was wonderful!!! I got mostly clothes and new kitchen gadgets and a new duvet, exciting haha!

    Nancy says: What kind of kitchen gadgets!? So fun… also – you’re going to love your duvet. I’ve had duvet’s for 10+ years and I’ll never go back to ordinary blankets, haha!

  2. Ahhh!! That camera!!! I’m SO jealous! But that is such a great gift for you! I’m excited to see the pictures you take with it :)

    My main gifts were a Michael Kors watch and a pair of leather boots. I also got a lot of clothes, LUSH stuff, Philosophy stuff, a panini press, coffee maker, bath robe, etc. I posted pictures here:

    Glad you had a good time in NL! I missed your blog posts ;)

    Nancy says: Ohh man, I missed blogging too – but i did really want to take a much needed break from social media altogether. It was good :)

  3. I got tickled at your excitement over the meat thermometer! I understand though! :) I had a really good Christmas. I got a black North Face fleece jacket, a Lululemon gift card and a Lulu tank I’d been wanting, a new light fixture from my parents (shown in my latest post), a new brushead for my Clarisonic, some clothes and a few more gift cards. That’s too bad you didn’t get to try out the Keurig!!! I don’t have one, though I’ve considered it, but figure I drink too much coffee for it to be economical!
    Jill recently posted..Scenes from December 2012My Profile

  4. the kitchen gadgets were a tea steeper, garlic press and a hard cheese grater! Expanding my kitchen one gadget at a time. Jealous of your meat thermometer, I’m going to have to add that to my list! And yes, SO excited for the duvet, I put it on the bed as soon as I got back today!!!

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