Lost with OnStar and a blogger meetup

Saturday morning I drove to Toronto to return the Chevrolet Cruze that I had for the week. It was a little pain in the butt to deal with the last final things though. When I got out of my parking garage, I used to OnStar navigation to tell me how to get to The Queensway. I probably mentioned Queensway without the “the” added in there. The OnStar woman trying to help me out couldn’t find it and I was mentioning that it intersected with The East Mall and it was just off the 427.

Anyway I moseyed on my way with the directions failing to realize it was directing me to Queensway Avenue. I didn’t realize this early enough, until I was on a residential street telling me that I had already arrived at my location. I knew I should’ve ignored it when it told me to keep going on the highway when I saw what exit I needed to take, I ignored it lol.

I called OnStar again a little frustrated and telling them about my little rendezvous with trying to find this dealership to return the car. Thankfully I was only 9km’s away. The nav wanted me to go back onto the highway – this time the Gardiner Expressway, but when I went to get on, there was a cop car blocking the entrance way so I had to keep going on this main road. The nav box was beeping at me telling me to do a u-turn, do a u-turn. Til I finally just ignored it and tried to find The Queensway by myself. Thankfully it was actually on that street, just at the very beginning. So I stayed on that street for a good twenty minutes of driving until I found the dealership.

I have to say though, you should really map out where you’re going in advance, as anything like this could happen to anyone. I kinda knew I was going in the wrong direction when it told me to veer left, instead of get off the highway when I saw my exit. Navigation systems aren’t brilliant scientists and they’re not the be all end all. But they will help you find where you are going if you have the correct directions. Obviously. 

So that was all fine and dandy. After that I ended up shopping downtown at the Eaton Centre. I had original plans to go up in Yorkville and shop at Anthropologie but I didn’t want to bear the windy freezing  cold day walking around outside. I shopped til I dropped, literally. I think I’ll be filming a haul video on my YouTube because those are always fun to watch.

Then it was time for the blogger meetup that Morgan had organized!A few new faces, a few familiar faces. I love going to meetups because I get to meet the bloggers that I’ve been reading daily. For instance, I’ve been creepin’ Jess’ site for a while and we’ve now met offline! So fun!

Back row: Robyn, Krysten, ME!, Sam, Christina, Jess, Sara, Sheryl, Kristin, Steph, Kate

Front row: Morgan, Lisa, Kristin, Megan, Therese

A list of the bloggers who attended, just stealing all of the blogger links from Samantha’s site. No big deal.

Here’s Stephanie and I. She’s now living in the same city as I am!

We were introducing ourselves to the group and when it was my turn to speak up I said something along the lines of Hey my name is Nancy. Totally normal. I said I blogged over here at spiffykerms.com and what I had planned to say was that I blogged about Food, Fashion, Fitness. But what came out was that I blogged about Fatness. A mixture between Fitness and Fashion? Whoops! I started laughing super hard and could barely finish what I had to say. Next!

The Toronto area for bloggers is pretty huge, and the last time we met we had a great turnout as well. We need to do these meetups more often!

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  1. LMAO! “I blog about Fatness”

    Glad you had a great time :)

    Nancy says: omg it was terrible (the “I blog about fatness”) hahaha

  2. What an adorable pic of you and Steph, sorry to have missed it!

    Nancy says: Next time you’ll have to come by again. We missed you there Dani!

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