Sessy lady, no?

purple dressThis photo was taken right before I headed out for some eats and drinks. It was our 3 year anniversary for Scott and I. I have only worn this cheap cotton dress once.

I want to wear it again. Two years later. Can you believe we’ll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in June? Moses I’m getting old. I think I need to invest in some life insurance leads!

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  1. Happy anniversary! Ive been with my bf 7.5 years and i feel old. haha You are looking hot in that dress! Scotts a lucky man. haha<3

    Nancy says: haha thanks Cinda. I like my eyebrows in that pic. I want them to go back to that state. Sort of thicker.

  2. Cotton sun dresses never go out of style. I love that color…

    Nancy says: Thanks! I love it. I just rarely wear dresses. Wish I’d sport it more often!

  3. You look great! Can’t go wrong with cotton dresses.

    And congrats on the 5 year anniversary. All the best for you.

  4. I love that dress…I say rock it again! 5 years…awesome!! Random question (and you totally don’t have to answer) are you guys going to get engaged? I mean have you been looking at rings? Like I said…you can totally tell me to mind my own business! haha!

  5. Love the dress and you should definitely dress up more. There is nothing wrong with wearing dresses and skirts if you want to :) 5 years and I still haven’t met the boy…. Have to change that next time the two of you are down here on the rock for a visit. :) (but if he makes you happy, he is alright in my books)

    Nancy says: Next time I’m home we’ll all have to get together at my house. That seems to be the prime spot for everyone to meet him, haha.

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