Business cards: Think outside the box.

Three day BlissDom conference requires three posts to recap. If you missed the other two (1), (2), go ahead and read them!

By day three I was all talked out. There’s only a so long an introvert can be outgoing around strangers. But I kept it goin’ and handing out my button business cards. I gotta say, it definitely helped having something other than a piece of paper to hand out. I received a lot of compliments on how unique it was, that I handed these out. nancy-button2

Finally! A photograph of the food I ate at the Delta Meadowvale. This breakfast was tremendous. Eggs, bacon, Tim Hortons tea, some juice.breakfast-day3

After breakfast I prettied myself up and put on some bold red lips from Annabelle Cosmetics. You know, since I’m doing the #24Day challenge and all. I told you the mirrors were flattering. HOLY why can’t this mirror be in every bathroom I enter? Flawless skin, if I do say so myself. Probably help from the philosophy skin care I used and foundation. Photo completely untouched. I think I may end up using it to update my headshot on my bio there, to the right.headshot-in-mirror

I changed my clothes and headed down to the Tim Hortons room to get more tea (I drank it constantly!). Earlier that weekend I noticed that two other bloggers who are also doing the #24Day challenge was at the conference. So of course we had to take a photo of us all together with the same lip colour: Monroe! Meet Michelle from Lipstick Rules, and Anjali from Rock That Look. Annabelle-24Challenge

The last day of the conference was all about learning, and listening at the sessions, and micro sessions. One of the three micro’s I attended was Kyla from Mommy’s Weird. I keep repeating myself. I was so happy to meet Kyla. She is hysterical, easy to chat to, down to earth, and dances up a storm at PJ parties ;)kyla-and-i

I walked around after my micro sessions, feeling so informed on how to grow my blog. Honestly, it’s so difficult to put into words on what I learned this weekend. The friends I met. The companies I can finally put a face-to-the-name to. The weekend flew by and I am sad that it’s over — but I will go back next year because I had such a blast.

Hallmark surprised us with a completely revamped set up. They were ready for Christmas and giving us all sorts of goodies in huge gift bags. Christmas-at-Hallmark

Lunch from Lentils. Spoiled with salmon, goodness. I’ve never had lentils before, and they didn’t disappoint! So good, you guys. lentils-lunch

After the last sessions, we had a closing keynote with guest speaker Drew that left everyone in tears (good tears) we had a three hour break. I was sitting on the couches in the hallway for most of it. Just relaxing. I got a tweet on my phone that I ended up winning a purse that I spotted at the Handmade Market Place earlier. I love it. It’s a small, yet practical passport explorer bag.  our-family-world-purse

Finally after about an hour of sitting on the couches after everything was over, my stomach got the best of me. I decided to listen to it, and feed the belly. Sliders and sweet potato are always a good choice.supper-at-delta-meadowvale

The PJ party was another highlight of the weekend.ready-for-the-pj-party

Sponsored by Cottonelle and PayPal Canada. Cottonelle had an amazing spa-like retreat for us where they set up manicure tables and gave massages all night long. I b-lined it to the massage table as soon as I walked in, and thankfully at that point there wasn’t any lineups. The massage was very welcomed after a blissful, long weekend. express-spa-at-blissdom

Brandy, Nicole and I. Brandy-Nicole-Nancy

Tatiana, myself and Shannon.pj-party

There was so much dancing, so much laughter and fun. I learned a ton this weekend. Not only about my blog, but about myself. BlissDom Canada and everyone involved has truly outdone themselves and I will be back again next year. I also want to give a special shout out to Chevrolet Canada once again for sponsoring me to go.

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What to pack for BlissDom Canada

In just a few short long days (time is crawling by since I’m so excited to attend) I’ll be on my way to Mississauga for a blissful adventure attending the big Canadian blogging conference known as BlissDom Canada. All thanks to Chevrolet Canada for giving me the VIP treatment — hosting me at the Delta Meadowvale, along with the 2½ day BlissDom conference pass.

For the past few weeks I’ve been slowly putting together a packing list of what to bring. That way, I don’t stress out and forget anything, whether it be a small weekend getaway like BlissDom, or a week long trip to Newfoundland.

Since I blog about basically everything I do lately, why not also blog about what I’ll be packing for BlissDom? Seemed like the thing to do!

I scribbled out what I thought was necessary to pack.


Then put it all on the bed to see if it’d all fit in my small carry on luggage. I don’t know why I decided on bringing a small carry on, I don’t plan on flying. I’m driving there myself. Basically I planned out my outfits and packed that way. I find that easier than packing shirts I like, or pants I enjoy wearing. Putting outfits together saves me luggage space so I can fit swag!what-to-pack-for-blissdom

Spot the Make Up For Ever bag?  I have a little something up my sleeve with this tote. I’ll be tweeting my whereabouts and carrying it around throughout the event. 11 lucky BlissDom attendees will receive a little treat from Make Up For Ever. :) I’m not allowed to tweet those two together since MUFE isn’t a paying attendee. So I’ll have to give you samples OFF the conference floor.

I know, it may seem lame but yes, that is a folder that I’m bringing with me. It’s all of my to-do lists! I can be organized you

Also, my makeup and hair essentials are coming with, I don’t think it really matters at all, what you pack for a blogging conference. Bring your fun attitude, smile, and business cards, and you’ll be set. I know it may feel overwhelming but rest assured many many other people are feeling the exact same way. So if you see anyone lurking in the corner being shy, or someone by themselves — walk up and talk to them. Introduce yourself and you’ll meet new friends.

I will have SO much fun! I’m so excited to meet new friends, hang out with Shannon (my old coworker) and have a blast!

As for the clothing? Everyone will be wearing what they feel most comfortable in. I’m not the type of person who wears dresses or skirts often so I don’t know if I’ll be glamorous for the Great Canadian Outdoors Party – Glamping style, but we’ll see! I have an idea that I may follow through with :).

I hope to be able to blog during the evenings after each day. But I’m not sure how practical it is to blog on my iPad. I’ll be taking photos with my fancy camera. I may have to do recap posts when I get back. What do you think? Suggestions? I am warning you now, I am going to be very active on twitter during the event on Thursday through Saturday. Wee!

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I’m going to BlissDom Canada!

Blissdom Canada

Heck yeah buddy. I’m going to BlissDom Canada in October!

Chevrolet Canada, one of the main sponsors of BlissDom has given me a ticket to attend the blogging conference in Mississauga from October 3-5. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to be getting to the conference just yet, but I have booked off Friday October 4 off work to attend. Travelling there isn’t really set in concrete but I’ll probably end up taking my own car. I’ll only be staying one night at the Delta Meadowvale hotel where the conference is happening and I’ve noticed that Philosophy (one of my favorite skin care lines) is set up in the bathrooms.

 Get those eagle eyes to

This will be my first experience with BlissDom Canada, as last year I attended the She’s Connect Conference in Toronto and the year before that, BlogHer in California.

BlissDom and Meadowvale Hotel has given us some pretty great deals when it came to booking my hotel room. Free wifi in all the rooms and free parking. There’s even a Starbucks served on site, full gym facilities and of course as I mentioned… Philosophy products in the room. Can’t wait to enjoy it all. Unfortunately I leave in the morning on the 4th, for the event. Which just happens to be my boyfriends birthday. Oops. I will make it up to him. He’s been gone on my birthday before too ;)

I’m most excited about meeting the faces I’ve been e-mailing the past year or so (Hi Sarah, from Philosophy! Hi Kaitlin from Chevy!) and meeting new blog friends to connect with and relate to. Since I’ve been blogging since 2003 or even longer (I honestly cannot remember when I started), I feel like I can’t pack any more into my brain about blogging. But I always welcome and appreciate attending the seminars throughout the conference.

nancy-button2I’ll do my best to tweet and instagram throughout the event on the weekend of October 4 and 5, and possibly handing out free swag from a favourite company of mine with my business card button attached. So stay tuned for that.

16 more days until BlissDom Canada starts!

Will I see you there?

Have you ever been to a blogging conference?

By the way! I created a facebook page for spiffykerms. I have no idea what I’m doing yet but if you want to like the page, feel free and I’ll love you forever.

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