What to pack for BlissDom Canada

In just a few short long days (time is crawling by since I’m so excited to attend) I’ll be on my way to Mississauga for a blissful adventure attending the big Canadian blogging conference known as BlissDom Canada. All thanks to Chevrolet Canada for giving me the VIP treatment — hosting me at the Delta Meadowvale, along with the 2½ day BlissDom conference pass.

For the past few weeks I’ve been slowly putting together a packing list of what to bring. That way, I don’t stress out and forget anything, whether it be a small weekend getaway like BlissDom, or a week long trip to Newfoundland.

Since I blog about basically everything I do lately, why not also blog about what I’ll be packing for BlissDom? Seemed like the thing to do!

I scribbled out what I thought was necessary to pack.


Then put it all on the bed to see if it’d all fit in my small carry on luggage. I don’t know why I decided on bringing a small carry on, I don’t plan on flying. I’m driving there myself. Basically I planned out my outfits and packed that way. I find that easier than packing shirts I like, or pants I enjoy wearing. Putting outfits together saves me luggage space so I can fit swag!what-to-pack-for-blissdom

Spot the Make Up For Ever bag?  I have a little something up my sleeve with this tote. I’ll be tweeting my whereabouts and carrying it around throughout the event. 11 lucky BlissDom attendees will receive a little treat from Make Up For Ever. :) I’m not allowed to tweet those two together since MUFE isn’t a paying attendee. So I’ll have to give you samples OFF the conference floor.

I know, it may seem lame but yes, that is a folder that I’m bringing with me. It’s all of my to-do lists! I can be organized you know.my-blissdom-folder

Also, my makeup and hair essentials are coming with me.makeup-bag-for-BlissDomHonestly, I don’t think it really matters at all, what you pack for a blogging conference. Bring your fun attitude, smile, and business cards, and you’ll be set. I know it may feel overwhelming but rest assured many many other people are feeling the exact same way. So if you see anyone lurking in the corner being shy, or someone by themselves — walk up and talk to them. Introduce yourself and you’ll meet new friends.

I will have SO much fun! I’m so excited to meet new friends, hang out with Shannon (my old coworker) and have a blast!

As for the clothing? Everyone will be wearing what they feel most comfortable in. I’m not the type of person who wears dresses or skirts often so I don’t know if I’ll be glamorous for the Great Canadian Outdoors Party – Glamping style, but we’ll see! I have an idea that I may follow through with :).

I hope to be able to blog during the evenings after each day. But I’m not sure how practical it is to blog on my iPad. I’ll be taking photos with my fancy camera. I may have to do recap posts when I get back. What do you think? Suggestions? I am warning you now, I am going to be very active on twitter during the event on Thursday through Saturday. Wee!

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  1. @Cindy: SO easy to over pack. Especially if you don’t plan out outfits. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of pants 2x over the 3 day period. N biggie! More room for swag :)

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