It’s not all rosy over here

I’ve had a few people e-mail me lately, concerned about the honesty of my reviews that I do on the blog. I too have noticed that most of my reviews come off as rosy and absolutely nothing bad to say about the product I received or purchased myself. This is mainly because I do really love all the products that I pay for myself, or get sent for free. Some of the products that I receive don’t make it on the blog, because I quite frankly don’t have anything good to say about them. Thus not wanting to bash the company and say only things I disliked about it. Get where I’m coming from?

I want people to be able to relate to me, and trust what I say. Whether the reviews be positive or negative. I have made a change in pace when it comes to reviewing products now. For instance, I reviewed the Cheverolet Cruze and pointed out some things I enjoyed about the car and some things that I would like to see changed in future models.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to change my writing style completely since I’m not a negative type of person. I don’t want to be a complainer on my blog, but I think I’m going to switch things up a bit where I list both the pros and cons of something if I’m reviewing it. Whether it be free to review, or purchased myself.

It really struck me when I had a friend say she wasn’t sure if I really liked a product I bought myself (my favorite hair brushes) or if it was just because I wanted to give it a positive review.

Not that the cons would be complaining but I really don’t like to talk negatively about anything in life. So even though I’m completely honest in ALL of my reviews, I’ll try my best more to elaborate on some of the things I would like changed, or things I disliked about the product.

I appreciate you all sticking around with me and reading my blog!

Psst, come back later tonight to see my outfit of the work week.

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  1. awesome…
    I do lots of reviews and well some items I have zero positive to say about them…thus they never make it to my blog!

    Nancy says: Thanks – I’m thinking of actually telling the companies that contact me that the review will go up (if they approve) whether or not the post is positive or negative.

  2. This is something really good for us as bloggers to think about. I never want my recommendations to get watered down – I want people to know that if I recommend a product, it’s because I really like it. Thanks for the reminder!

    Nancy says: and thanks for your comment! I’m glad that you appreciate the post.

  3. I think that sometimes it’s hard to right really negative reviews, unless you truly hate the product. You get free stuff, stuff that is in the niche you write about, and it’s pretty cool. I have found myself in the same boat. But I guess it’s important to remember that we need to point out flaws as well, right?

    Nancy says: I guess I’m saying I should find pro’s and con’s about products I review. “I’d like to see the packaging change a little bit” or something along those lines. When I say negative, I don’t mean bashing them either. Thanks for your comment <3

  4. Good that you posted this. I think when you first start being sent free products its hard because you almost feel obligated! But…you aren’t. I recently got something sent to me and totally didn’t find use for it — or what it claimed to be used FOR so I didn’t review it at all. I felt bad but I couldn’t honestly give it a good review and like you, I don’t want to get on here and bash products! It’s good that you cleared the air and I’ms ure many can relate!

  5. Great post Nancy! I think the topic is interesting for many bloggers…but I honestly would never have thought that you would be putting false positives out there just after having read your blog for a while now. You just don’t seem like that type of gal. Which…is why I love your blog! That said, I can see how others might question what they read sometimes because we all know that it is difficult to remain authentic when someone feels pressured or obligated.
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!
    XO – Marion

  6. I think that this is a difficult and controversial one! I have the WORST time writing bad reviews because people are so generous to send you a product. I think it is a bit biased when you get something free because even if it is lack luster…it is free!!! The biggest test I give myself is whether or not I would be willing to pay full price for the product.

    Great post, Nancy!

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