Why is CrossFit so effective?

(That’s me! Back in June)

There are several factors making CrossFit effective. You may notice that in most CrossFit gyms there aren’t any mirrors. CrossFit believes on feeling the proper form and movements in your body rather than seeing them.

But before I get into it, you get what you put into CrossFit. To make your body and mind respond, you need to put in hard work. With CrossFit you don’t hit plateaus because the workouts are consistently changing and confusing your body. You never have to endure on an ab day or arms day at the regular gym again. Those can be dreadful. CrossFit is a consistent mixture of it all.

Just because someone is buff looking (think Arnold Schwarchnegger back in the 80’s) doesn’t mean they’re powerful. CrossFit makes you strong all over.

Compete with yourself. Log your workouts so the next time an exercise comes up that you did previously you can look back on what you did that time, and beat it! It’s simple, and it works.

A typical session at CrossFit may include a variety of gymnastics, sprinting, and power lifting. These exercises are done with the weight of your own body, kettlebells and free weights. They’re done hard, fast and with little to no rest in between ‘sets’. The reason behind this is that you challenge your muscles more when you do short bursts. It stimulates them making them more effective than low intensity workouts. CrossFit is the whole package of speed, balance, and strength.

When doing gymnastics moves at CrossFit your whole body has to work in sequence and you build up to certain moves. You don’t just walk in there and do a handstand your first day. You also won’t see us doing bicep curls, or leg extensions as they take away from the “chain” that puts these movements together at CrossFit. The compound movements that you do in other workouts will build up your strength so your body is well balanced and prepared for your next handstand.

Don’t forget that resting will help recover your muscles. Don’t take that for granted, even if the workout was only a half hour. Crossfit will never get easy. You can always go faster, or add more weight to your workout. That being said, you won’t get bored as you’re constantly being challenged.

However, you won’t find me installing any undermount kitchen sinks anytime soon. I may be strong from CrossFit, but I ain’t no plummah! :)

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  1. As a certified personal trainer I actually disagree with many of the crossfit principles. Muscle is built by using the overload principle…not doing something as fast as you can. Muscle under progressively increasing tension build muscle. CrossFit a great way to build endurance, however lean muscle won’t be built. Crossfit also has a very high risk of injury, especially overuse injury.

    I can be a helpful exercise supplement, however I don’t recommend it as your only physical training source.

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