My CrossFit Journal (week 43)



Week 43 Day 1.

5 HSPU (handstand pushups — we did dive bombers instead)
4 Clean & Squat (135/95)
3 Split Jerks (135/95)

I felt like I cheated since I only used the 35lb bar and no weights added to it. It was my first day back after almost a three-week break. Way too long! I completed seven rounds in 15 minutes.

Dive Bombers

Clean and squat

Split Jerk


Week 43 Day 2.

3 Rounds for time:

21 pullups (I did kips with a 5lb assisted band)
21 ring dips
21 Thruster; 95/65lbs (I used 40lbs)

I did not even finish my workout this day. We had a full 25 minutes and I was on my third round of ring dips, finishing up at 15 or so, super close to the end but so far away. My arms were dead but I was desperate to finish! I suggest never taking a three-week break from CrossFit ever again, self!

I’m happy I made it to two classes this week. I’m starting to get back in it. I took a break to climb more, but now I want to balance it all and climb/crossfit all in the same week continuously. Being psychical is important to me. 


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