I’m going on my second week of not picking out my clothes on a Sunday night, to get it ready for the work week. Gasp. I know.

All last week I found myself wearing a lot of brown.

This week, I was thinking of outfits in my head the night before the work day. On Wednesday I thought it was so going to work. I loved the idea. Boots, tights, and a skirt. But I don’t think it worked out in my favor. I think the boots just don’t suit Wednesdays look. I need to think of an idea as to how I can wear these amazing target boots, with knee high socks, a skirt and make it look good with what I have in my closet. This will be a project for me ;)

Well at least I’m shopping my closet and saving myself money. Saving for a house and getting a brand new home (with mortgage life insurance) is a better decision right now than spending it frivolously on clothes. So, some days my outfits won’t go together! Lol

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  1. I really like thursday.

    For wearing boots and knee high socks, I think it looks great with super slim fit jeans and an oversize knitted shirt.
    Kind of like the second outfit in this picture

  2. Oh, something I read recently might help you re: Wednesday’s outfit. It was “2 out of 3” of your bottom items should match. Let’s say skirt, tights, shoes/boots….the rule of thumb was like red skirt with black tights/black shoes, or black skirt, nude hose, black shoes. Even though your tights complement a color in your skirt, you might be able to make the boots work with the skirt if you tried a nude color on your leg. Give it a shot!

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