Cashmere admiration

Who’s with me?

doubleOne in every color please? The ruffles… ugh, just too much. Luuv it.

brownI’d like this whole outfit plus accessories.

rufflI think the ruffles are my new favorite thing.

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  1. I have to stay off the Crew site sometimes! I have the middle blouse (except mine isn’t brown it is lavendar)…but I haven’t worn it yet. I feel sort of ridiculous every time I put it on…but I’m easing into it!

  2. Omg Jill do you really have it? You need to post a photo of it because those models on there pin their clothes to make them look smaller and stuff! lol. I seriously want to see what it looks like “in person”!

  3. Those are all gorgeous! I’m actually thankful there’s not a J Crew here in London. I would be poor (though I would look great).

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