Hurl-worthy meal

Remember that time I asked for a replacement for whipping cream? Whipping cream cannot be replaced by milk and flour. I ended up making my famous vodka penne pasta last night, and it was absolutely gag worthy. My poor boyfriend ended up finishing a whole plate full of the leftovers too today. Trooper. Anyway. Gotta say – it was pasty, flavorless and to top it off, the pasta wasn’t even cooked enough.

This has happened maybe once before, that a meal turned out like absolutely garbage, and I’m glad it hasn’t happened more often, because when it does happen, I feel like poop, and I want to throw up when I’m eating it. I couldn’t exactly throw it out, because it had cooked chicken in it. The only thing that tasted somewhat decent, even if it was over cooked and tough.

What a disaster!

It’s 2:29AM here and the boyf and I had a one or two hour nap earlier. I’m wide awake browsing the internet, and of course YouTube, while he plays Burnout on PS3 ahhhhhah…Wow. I love weekends.

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