0-004OOTW = Outfit of the weekend. Annnnnd we’re almost halfway done the NaBloPoMo. No troubles over on this side. Let’s see how I do towards the end of November, shall we?

Earrings: Aerie for $4.95!
Nails: Painted with E.L.F. polish for $1
Ring: A present that someone brought me back from Portugal
Shirt: Abercrombie knit from 2007 I think? I rarely wear it because I love it and don’t want to ruin it with too much wear.
Tanktop: Brown Abercrombie tank on clearance for like $9.95 (not shown, because it’s obviously worn underneath my knit shirt)
Jeans: Brand name is: ‘Fidelity’ from a boutique by our apartment, that I rarely go into because they have so many nice (expensive) jeans and I don’t want to be tempted. (You can see the back of them here.) Parenthesis are fun!

So here I am smiling away in the door way waiting on the boy so we can head out to do some errands. I think our roles are reversed, it always seems like I’m waiting on him to get ready in the mornings, or whenever we’re going out together somewhere. Excuse the one “light grey” eye. I’m prone to getting red eye when I get my photo taken, and so I photoshopped it out but you know, you can’t fix it 100% I gueeeesss…

I felt a lot more put together in person. I swear those jeans are much darker and slimming in person. Or so I thought.

How do you keep your jeans dark? Mine always seem to fade in the thigh area. Maybe it’s because I wear them constantly, and always wash them (and not inside out). Also, quick question. Where have all my commenters gone? I used to get like one comment per entry and ever since I started NaBloPoMo I don’t think I have received one yet. Do you guys not like what I’m writing? Give me some suggestions. More outfit of the days? Less random thoughts? What?!

Anyway,  have a good Saturday all! I’m out to do some grocery shopping with my boyf.

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  1. I also LUV dark jeans and feel like they fade easily. To counteract this as best I can…I wash them inside out, and always on cold. I also wash them on a delicate cycle so it doesn’t “spin” them too fast and be so hard on them (not sure if that makes a difference or not but it makes me feel better haha). Sometimes I use regular detergent and sometimes I use Woolite. I also don’t dry them in the dryer much. That was probably way more info that you wanted, lol

  2. lol. No that’s definitely helpful. I never thought of using something different than just detergent – I may think about picking up Woolite too (if we have that in Canada, I have no idea!) Also, I need to start putting the jeans inside out.

    Next pair, I swear.

    I also never put my jeans in the dryer, I always feel like they shrink when I do that :/

  3. Loved the shirt, it looks great on you. Also the jeans are perfect. The back picture shows it fits nicely on you =P I love when i find a jeans that fits nicely on me like that. And it’s not that easy.

    As for tips, always wash jeans inside out with cold water. If you have free time, wash it yourself and not in the washing machine. This way it’s more gentle. And never put a jeans in a dryer. Unless you want to destroy it.

    I’m new around here (found it while was looking for info on new VS stuff). I think “outfit of the day” are cool. What about what are you listening lately? TV shows you are watching? Stuff you plan to buy?

    Anyway, have a nice weekend.

  4. As one of your commenters you will always count on my support. Any post about your experience being a car driver/owner?.

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