Flashback: Christmas parties!

I dug up some work Christmas party photos from my current work place.  I’m not sure that I went to the Christmas Party my first year of getting hired. It may have coincided with Scott’s party. Also, my first year up in Ontario back in 2006 — well  it was a really bad photo and I don’t want to share it. It was when I was working for an internet marketing company at that time, I curled my hair and the photographer photoshopped some of my curls out, so it looks really weird. Plus, I had just gotten my braces on. Mess of wires everywhere. So, we’re starting from 2008.

Side note. I love those coconut earrings I’m wearing in the second photo. I can’t wear them anymore since I lost the earring backs for them. Eugh.




Doesn’t Scott get hunkier every year? Teehehe.


Unfortunately he wasn’t there this year for the 2011 Christmas Party as he was out of town, but I went anyway! 

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  1. That green dress = amazing! Also, is the silver skirt H&M? I need something like that for Christmas day.

    Nancy says: Yes it’s from H&M. A super inexpensive Christmas outfit!

  2. I love the third picture, you are a very good looking couple :)

    Nancy says: Thank you. Wish I could grab a 2011 photo of us. Maybe I will get dressed up for no reason and have a mini photoshoot, ha!

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