What’s In My Purse?

I figured since last week I wrote a What’s In My Make Up Bag post, I thought I’d continue the trend and let you see what I carry in my purse. My post needed to be updated since I did a What’s In My Purse back in May of last year.

I tend to swap out my purses from week to week, so this week I’ve been using my navy blue ASOS bag. Next week I could resort back to my fun colourful Fossil bag. Whats-in-my-bag

I think this purse looks so cozy and ready for a snow fall, doesn’t it? Paired with my Newfie mittens and a cuppa joe. We’re grand. Let. It. Snow.

So, let’s take a peek inside my purse where I show you what I carry around with me on a daily basis. whats-inside-my-purseAll numbered up for your convenience ;)

  1. Nexus 7 tablet (Love the size of it!)
  2. Orbit gum that I bought in the USA — loved the “kid sized” packages so I bought it. Lol
  3. Michael Kors rose gold wallet that I bought in the USA a few weeks ago (hard to capture the “rose gold” in photos though)
  4. Glymm bag to store my monthly visitor friends
  5. Starbucks tumbler
  6. Victoria’s Secret pouch, not going to lie — I have candy in this
  7. My BlackBerry inside this cute pouch. Usually my camera would go in this but I misplaced it.

So, what is in your purse? Tell me in the comments below. :)

my-purseWhat are a few must-haves that you carry around with you at all times?

How often do you swap out your purses?

Do you have a tablet?

How often do you drink coffee/ tea/hot chocolate?

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  1. I’m impressed by how organized your purse is. My purse has Hot Wheels, old tissues, a few crumpled receipts, my planner, mittens, and my smart phone (which doubles as my ebook reader). I swap out my purse every month or two, but only really switch back and forth between two old purses. I need to refresh my purse, I think!
    Laura recently posted..Book Review: Me Before YouMy Profile

  2. ooooh I like that purse! And I’m not really a purse person. I swap between a boring black pleather purse and whichever tote I grab… my favorite is a black canvas covered with silver NES controller prints. Picked that up at Hot Topic in the states a few years back. I wish I bought anotherone! It’s actually a pretty great quality bag! I can stuff that with anything. I usually only use the purse when I know I’m traveling light. The tote usually goes with me to work, sometimes with lunch or a change of clothes in it. And my Roots red leather wallet. The purse always has in itvarious breath mints (where else would I store all the freebie mints from career fairs and the like?) a little mirror with fold-over protective cover, face blotting tissue (love these! Mary Kay make the best, but Body Shop has pretty good ones too). Ibuprofin, tissues, little purse-brush (bamboo from Body Shop, matching my larger brush). little bottle of hand sanitizer, a pen, lip gloss, comb, dental floss, and a little pouch for flat things like discount card leaflets and a mini first-aid kit (a few bandaids etc). Plus whatever receipts I forget to take out from the last time I went shopping. And a granola bar or two. There’s a yummy fair trade chocolate bar in there too. How did that survive? Hmmm…

    I do not have a tablet, the Galaxy SIII works fine for out and about. I never (repeat… never) drink tea/coffee/HC. Ever. Oh, sometimes I cart a water bottle around in my purse.

    Have a great day! Love your blog when I get a chance to stop by. =)

  3. You carry so few things in there!

    I need big purses, and I rarely swap them out because it’s hard to find ones that I like. But I always have a book in there, wallet, sun glasses, cell phone, ipod, ipad, business cards and… garbage. Also, right now I have a pair of men’s pajama pants. They’re going to be a Christmas gift for the bf, but I haven’t found a place to hide them yet.
    Courtney recently posted..Spread the UnderstandingMy Profile

  4. Love your Victoria’s Secret pouch and your cup! So. Cute.

    My must haves. iPhone, lip chap (right now loving love&toast!) and breast pads lol!

    I don’t carry a purse anymore. Which is a bit sad but I never go out with a baby or kid now so I have to bring a different bigger bag.

    I drink tea maybe 3x a week, and now that winter is here I’ll drink hot chocolate too probably the same:)

  5. My purse is currently pretty much under control – Kobo, phone, wallet, case with loyalty cards, make up bag, coupon organiser. Plus my Timmie’s neoprene cup sleeve, tic tacs and my epipen. But that’s because I just got a new purse and had to decide what to move over :)
    Deborah / Mom2Michae recently posted..That Not So Fresh FeelingMy Profile

  6. @Del Ta: Hey Des!

    Fun – I learned some new things about you today… had no idea you never drink tea/coffee etc. I thought you would’ve for sure drank hot chocolate or something. I need to carry around hand sanitizer with me more often. I used to, but then always took it out of my bag. I need to put it back in. Band-aids!! Amazing… also a great idea to carry around.
    Nancy recently posted..Philosophy Living Grace SetMy Profile

  7. Your purse is so very organized! Love how you keep everything in cute little pouches. I don’t swap out purses very often. I only own about two or three now. Maybe I need to rectify this?

    As for what is in my purse – my new Fossil wallet (thank you!), the lil red notebook from Blissdom, lip gloss, business card wallet, and usually my cell phone. :)
    Brandy recently posted..UNICEF Survival Gifts Can Change The WorldMy Profile

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