Minimal Summer Bag Spill

What’s in my purse? Not much, really. If I overload it and can’t find my wallet while standing up at the cash register, a warming sensation comes over my entire body and I start to panic thinking I lost it somewhere. So, here’s what’s in my new Fossil Brooklyn Striped Crossbody. As a Fossil Ambassador, Fossil sent me the purse for review. 

Acca Kappa lip balm SPF 15
Byredo hand cream
Mini wallet
Phone (not shown)
White zebra pen
Mini note pad

What items are in your purse lately? Are you someone who carries a ton of stuff, or are you pretty minimal with what you cart around daily?
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What’s In My Purse? | Fall Edition

whats-in-my-purseI’m always curious as to what other people carry around with them in their purses. I’ve done these sort of blog posts in the past and they’ve always been a big hit. Now is a good time as any to show you what’s in my purse – for Fall. On an every day basis I mainly keep this bag incredibly empty apart from the wallet, sunnies, keys and phone. But this week has been a busy one and I needed a few more things. So, while it’s still chalker-blocked I thought I’d dump everything out in a neat flatlay and show you some products worthy of checking out!

what-is-in-my-purse-2016No. 1 | I recently purchased this large suede unstructured tote from ASOS. I’ve been loving it! Although it’s much larger than I usually carry (say, a cross body) it’s still pretty handy to have around. 

No. 2 | For my birthday this year I headed to the outlets and purchased myself a Prada wallet (for much cheaper!) that doubles as a clutch. There isn’t too much in there, but I do love how sturdy it is and of course… incredibly well made.

No. 3 | This is a custom made minimalist wallet that I received from The Navis on Etsy. I reached out to them a while back and asked if they wanted to collaborate together, and they agreed! There’s another photo below, but I selected the colours I wanted my wallet to be, and they made it specifically for me to fit my new Nexus 5X phone (since it was a listing for an iPhone sleeve). I’ve brought it along with me to coffee shops and strangers have walked up to me asking where I got it from! Since it holds my Nexus 5X well, it also has room for a card or cash, and when I’m running out the door to do an errand or two, I grab my keys and this, and I’m set. No fuss!

No. 4 | My plain muji notebook. It’s slim + lightweight. /// No. 5 | Gotta have a pen to write in the muji note book! The clear ball point pen is also from muji. /// No. 6 | Bobbi Brown Extra hand cream. I try to buy this at the outlets since it seems to be a few bucks cheaper there (but not always available). /// No. 7 | Dior lipgloss! /// No. 8 | Mints from World Market (they’re not amazing) /// No. 9 | Lip balm from Acca Kappa that I bought at Home on Water in Newfoundland.  /// No. 10 | Burberry Kisses Gloss in Nude Beige /// No. 11 | Muji case + business card buttons for /// No. 12 | Gotta have car keys for the wheels! /// No. 13 | Trader Joe’s snacks /// No. 14 | Sunnies that got scratched up (fell off my face and on the concrete) when Alfie was attacked back in April :( No. 15 | Quarters for meters (in a Daiso zip pouch).

I hate it when I have a ton of miscellaneous products just floating around in my bag like wild. I tend to usually consolidate them all into a makeup pouch so they’re not competing for my hand when I reach in to grab an essential – my phone, or wallet when paying for something! That’s not pictured here because I forgot to include it. Oops. But you get the drift.

What do you cart around in your wallet?


Disclaimer. While I did receive product, this is not a sponsored post by any means. I reached out to Roma and Alona from The Navis on Etsy so I could bring more attention to their Etsy shop and help out a small business owner!

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Video: What’s In My Purse?

Whats-in-purseWatching YouTube videos is definitely a fun past time for me, especially when one’s where people show what is inside of their everyday purse. You can find all sorts of good ideas (you know, like consolidating your small items into pouches, that sort of thing). So I thought it was due time for me to film one, because the last one went live over 3 years ago.

Here’s a sneak peek before getting into the video.purse-holdMy purse is actually a hand-me-down from my Mom’s friend! So I gladly took it off her hands, and have been using it since April.

Purse-imgInside I use my Stephanie Johnson brown pouch* to collect all my mini’s which includes a yummy smelling Tokyo milk hand cream*, expensive mints from REI, tissues. You know, stuff that you kinda like to have in the purse at all times.

Watch the video here!

Disclaimer: items marked with an “*” were sent for review from Paula and Chlo. 

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