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I’ve always loved “A Day In The Life” blog posts, where a blogger documents basically everything s/he does throughout the run of a day. It was difficult to remember to document it all, and I felt like I was wasting time writing stuff down, especially in the morning. So here we go, a day in the life of me from last Tuesday January 22, 2013:

ootd clothes6:55a — alarm goes off, pop out of bed. Let Alfie out of his crate & feed him immediately in the den. I take my clothes that I plan to wear that day, from the bedroom to the washroom.

6:59a — Shower.

7:13a — Hop out, dry off. Stand around and do nothing for a bit. (I’m very tired, lazy and clumsy in the morning)

7:23a — Get dressed.

7:26a — Deodorant time. Thought you should know every detail ;)

combing wet hair7:27a — Comb hair & clip back to air dry.

7:29a — Brush teeth.

7:31a — Head to living room & hang out with Alfie. Play on iPad (reading blogs, checking e-mail, checking instagram)

makeup7:47a — Wash hands, do makeup.

7:53a — Chase Alfie in the other room to shush him from barking at people in the hallway. Put hair serum in hair.

hair stuff7:57a — Wash hands, dry hair.

8:09a — Feelin’ pale. Slap on some bronzer.

8:10a — Put accessories on, and put on a blazer.

8:13a — Take OOTWW photo.

8:17a —Pack snacks for work.

Alfie cuddles8:18a — Play fetch/cuddle with Alfie (he’s yawning in the photo), play on iPad again. Multi-tasker.

omg its so cold8:40a — Leave apartment bundled up.

negative something outSide note. Omg it’s -15 outside lol

groceries before work9:01a — Grabbin’ some groceries.

9:28a — Arrive at work.

breakfast at work9:35a — Have breakfast at work.

banana snack11:18a — Snack!

lunch1:33p — Lunch time. This was a frozen dinner, and best kind. However it was riddled with onions and I had to pick them off pre-microwave.

apple snack3:23p — Apple snack. Get annoyed at myself that I didn’t put it in the fridge. So warm. Much better chilled.

5:02p — Ate a pineapple flavored life saver candy.

5:52p — Get home. Put groceries in fridge. Start grill for chicken.

crossfit clothes5;55p — Change clothes for CrossFit.

6:03p — Put chicken on grill.

6:06p — Clean up kitchen.

pack for crossfit6:08p — Pack for CrossFit. (Need to bring asthma inhaler, sneakers, purse and water)

asthma inhaler6:09p — Take two puffs of my asthma inhaler. I look so happy to be doing this lol. I was pressed for time. No time for re-takes.

water bottle6:10p — Fill up water bottle.

leave house6:14p — Put on winter coat, stand around and wait for my chicken to cook. Put it in a tupperware container and head out the door.

6:29p — Arrive at CrossFit. Do WOD that made me nearly cry. My wrists killed during the front squats.

7:57p — Arrive home.

make supper8:00p — Turn on computer for twitter party! Start cooking supper. Thank myself for cutting up veggies the night before.

eat supper8:18p — Eat & Tweet.

take vitamins8:21p — Can’t forget my vitamins, with my iPad glowing on my lap ;)

8:32p — Finish supper, tweet ( #FeelBetterFL represent!)

9:09p — Jump in shower to warm up, and to de-stankify myself.

make bed9:20p — Make bed with fresh sheets.

9:31p — Head to bed with iPad and read blogs until I’m tired.

10:17p — Put the iPad down and get some beauty rest ;)

Gotta be honest you guys. I don’t eat this healthy all the time. In fact, I stocked up on some fresh fruits while I was out the other night so you wouldn’t know that I ate CANDY for snacks throughout my day. Oops. Though, I did feel awesome the next day. So maybe I should probably cut down on the candy consumption…

Hope you enjoyed the post!

What does your daily routine look like?

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  1. Where was the BF?! My mornings are sooo short compared to yours lol. I take 30 minutes to get ready. I hate mornings. But, generally speaking, after work there’s a lot of going into the kitchen and chatting to OH, going into the living room with OH and chatting, watching a bit of TV with OH, making cups to tea to drink, etc etc. Lol lots of sitting down and talking. If I go to the gym, I try and go at 6 too, though one of my classes starts at 7.\

    Nancy says: Oof! I didn’t realize I didn’t have him mentioned in this post at all. We have very different schedules (for work) and I always leave the house before my Boyfriend wakes up. As for that evening, I ate supper alone as he was exercising on his bike while I was at CrossFit, and then when I came back he was already gone to the pool to swim – then by the time I made the bed and got in, he arrived home (to eat supper, then head to bed while I was asleep). We lead busy lives! Usually I’ll take a night off and just spend it hanging out with him. Every single day is different than the other week nights, for instance last night we both took the night off and went to the movie theaters with one of our friends. I should really do a “week in my life” lol.

  2. You look super adorable in the asthma inhaler picture!
    and… why didnt you include the random times you stop to giggle, dance/jig and when you come to my desk to chat with your’s truely!!!?

    lol, fun post to read.

  3. Aah! Yeah – it’s quite easy for me to bump into my BF when I’m running around after work because he likes to sit and watch TV a lot, lol. Every day in the week is different for us too, what with different classes and socials. My schedule is a lot more regular than sean’s though, a bit like yours, although I start and finish a little earlier. :) We’re terrible with dinner times. Often really late because of my fitness classes and his job. We just finished dinner and it’s 9pm!

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