I heart Diner Dash!

The last time I was in FutureShop (a twin-store of Best Buy in case anyone was wondering) I was bored out of my trees while the Boyf was looking at laptops, I ended up playing with an iPad. I didn’t really get the reason why everyone loved it at first. But having different applications on it that you could occupy yourself with for hours of unlimited fun was good enough for me.

Diner Dash was one of hte applications on the iPad. I remember asking Scott to come over to watch me play and see if we could get a PC version for my desktop computer at home. LOL That game is/was so addicting. Unfortunately I could only find a trial-version online so no more Diner Dash for me. Has anyone played that? I had no idea what I was supposed to do first since I never read instructions, and just play. But omg, if anyone has an iPad or iPhone (can you play those games on iPhone? I would assume so, yes?) you should download it!! There’s tons of skill games online where you can download all sorts of fun free games. I kinda want to just go online now and play til my hearts content. Ha!!

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  1. Check your email missus… I left you a treat that should allow you to check out more Diner Dash on your PC. I enjoy it on my iTouch along with a few other games that are similar. :)

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