Spend a day in my shoes

I’ve always loved “A Day In The Life” blog posts, where a blogger documents basically everything s/he does throughout the run of a day. It was difficult to remember to document it all, and I felt like I was wasting time writing stuff down, especially in the morning. So here we go, a day in the life of me from last Tuesday January 22, 2013:

ootd clothes6:55a — alarm goes off, pop out of bed. Let Alfie out of his crate & feed him immediately in the den. I take my clothes that I plan to wear that day, from the bedroom to the washroom.

6:59a — Shower.

7:13a — Hop out, dry off. Stand around and do nothing for a bit. (I’m very tired, lazy and clumsy in the morning)

7:23a — Get dressed.

7:26a — Deodorant time. Thought you should know every detail ;)

combing wet hair7:27a — Comb hair & clip back to air dry.

7:29a — Brush teeth.

7:31a — Head to living room & hang out with Alfie. Play on iPad (reading blogs, checking e-mail, checking instagram)

makeup7:47a — Wash hands, do makeup.

7:53a — Chase Alfie in the other room to shush him from barking at people in the hallway. Put hair serum in hair.

hair stuff7:57a — Wash hands, dry hair.

8:09a — Feelin’ pale. Slap on some bronzer.

8:10a — Put accessories on, and put on a blazer.

8:13a — Take OOTWW photo.

8:17a —Pack snacks for work.

Alfie cuddles8:18a — Play fetch/cuddle with Alfie (he’s yawning in the photo), play on iPad again. Multi-tasker.

omg its so cold8:40a — Leave apartment bundled up.

negative something outSide note. Omg it’s -15 outside lol

groceries before work9:01a — Grabbin’ some groceries.

9:28a — Arrive at work.

breakfast at work9:35a — Have breakfast at work.

banana snack11:18a — Snack!

lunch1:33p — Lunch time. This was a frozen dinner, and best kind. However it was riddled with onions and I had to pick them off pre-microwave.

apple snack3:23p — Apple snack. Get annoyed at myself that I didn’t put it in the fridge. So warm. Much better chilled.

5:02p — Ate a pineapple flavored life saver candy.

5:52p — Get home. Put groceries in fridge. Start grill for chicken.

crossfit clothes5;55p — Change clothes for CrossFit.

6:03p — Put chicken on grill.

6:06p — Clean up kitchen.

pack for crossfit6:08p — Pack for CrossFit. (Need to bring asthma inhaler, sneakers, purse and water)

asthma inhaler6:09p — Take two puffs of my asthma inhaler. I look so happy to be doing this lol. I was pressed for time. No time for re-takes.

water bottle6:10p — Fill up water bottle.

leave house6:14p — Put on winter coat, stand around and wait for my chicken to cook. Put it in a tupperware container and head out the door.

6:29p — Arrive at CrossFit. Do WOD that made me nearly cry. My wrists killed during the front squats.

7:57p — Arrive home.

make supper8:00p — Turn on computer for twitter party! Start cooking supper. Thank myself for cutting up veggies the night before.

eat supper8:18p — Eat & Tweet.

take vitamins8:21p — Can’t forget my vitamins, with my iPad glowing on my lap ;)

8:32p — Finish supper, tweet ( #FeelBetterFL represent!)

9:09p — Jump in shower to warm up, and to de-stankify myself.

make bed9:20p — Make bed with fresh sheets.

9:31p — Head to bed with iPad and read blogs until I’m tired.

10:17p — Put the iPad down and get some beauty rest ;)

Gotta be honest you guys. I don’t eat this healthy all the time. In fact, I stocked up on some fresh fruits while I was out the other night so you wouldn’t know that I ate CANDY for snacks throughout my day. Oops. Though, I did feel awesome the next day. So maybe I should probably cut down on the candy consumption…

Hope you enjoyed the post!

What does your daily routine look like?

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