What’s eatin’?

Sunday: Chicken teriyaki stir fry (carrots, green pepper, tomatoes, broccoli, and basmati rice)
Monday: Pork Chops (on sale at Sobeys!), with roasted red potatoes, and carrots
Tuesday:  Foil pack dinner (if this turns out well, I’ll feature it on my recipe page)
Wednesday: Quesadillas
Thursday: Tacos
Friday: Chicken nuggets (hey, a girls’ gotta have a break from cooking sometimes)
Saturday: Honey Mustard Chicken (recipe)

And not to have this post all boring and about food. I think I forgot to post a photo of my purchases after I mentioned them in a blog post. So here we have’em:


Careful with enlarging them. They’re friggen huge. I decided to just copy them over from my Flickr page. I was lazy and didn’t want to resize them.


I have no shame. You all can see my newly purchased undies. Whatever. They’re microfibre and I want to spend all my monies on them. They’re so soft and comfortable, and don’t leave a panty line! I am super confused with VS’s sizing. I have everything ranging from XS to Med. in their undies. I had to return three pairs of small’s and exchange them for mediums, that still look incredibly tiny on my butt. I shop at aerie stores all the time for regular underwear and I always buy smalls and they’re always the same fit/size each time. Why fool with me, Victoria Secret… why?

Then I headed to BBW where I picked up some much needed smelly ahnd soaps. Mmmm. Can you guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas!?

4015029905_2596966932_oI picked up a christmasy/winter nail file because I’ve recently became obsessed with filing my nails rather than clipping them. 3 hand soaps (Frosted Orange Spice which I think is just a holiday scent, Wild Honey Suckle — a regular in this household, and Sea Island Cotton which has a very fresh scent) and with a purchase over $10 I got to pick up a hand cream for free. I think I picked up Sea Island Cotton. On the bottom you’ll see a lip balm (which is so retarded. I should have tried this on anything other than my hands before purchasing it. But it comes out very shimmery and GOLD on your lips. It’s a bit insane, and a total waste of $7.50. Lastly, I purchased some hand sanitizer in wild honey suckle.  I can’t stop smelling my hands after I apply this. Mmm so good. I need to go back and get some more deals before they stop having their grand opening sale (Buy 3 get 2 free, or Buy 2 get 1 free). I know my Mom would love some of their bath scents…

What are your favorite things from Bath and Body works, or even Victoria Secret PINK line?

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  1. So I’m wondering if the BBW scents are different in Canada, because I’ve never heard of those…but ya know what, just kidding. They’re on the BBW website but I’ve never seen them in stores. Some of my favorites are Warm Vanilla Sugar, Cucumber Melon, Kitchen Lemon (hand soap that is). My most favorite is from VS though, Love Spell. I love how that lotion smells :) And I agree on the VS panty sizing. So weird!

  2. My favorite B&BW scent is their Vanilla Bean! ohmygod. It comes out at Christmas and it is amazing, I am in love with it! I was in the states last week and I got some there but I’m not sure if it’s out here in Canada yet for the winter. I also got a lipgloss called “hot buttered rum” that is amazing.

  3. I hate it because I can’t just grab any underwear in my size and just go up to the cash and buy it. I have to try it on. Ugh.

    And Melanie? I smelled the rum lip balm. I nearly choked. Needless to say I won’t be buying that one ever. hehe

  4. I love the VS Pink panty line, specially hipsters, boy briefs and cheeky boyshorts. The cotton and microfibre are so comfy and i use them all the time. The boyshorts are so great to sleep too.

    The new cheekier bikinis have brazilian cut, which makes awesome to use with jeans and skirts. It makes my “behind” more beautiful.

    Anyway the only problem i have with VS is that don’t seem to use the same size for regular VS lines and Pink. If i buy one bikini from the Angels line i can get from XS or S. For Pink it’s mostly S and M.

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