Why is that?

I was often mistaken as a boy when I was a child because I had my hair cut very short. I idolized my brother and wanted to copy him. Guess I was a bit of a tomboy. But I had my ears pierced! Little boys don’t! That’s not the point of this blog post.

What I don’t get is that if I leave my earrings out for a minimum of two days. TWO DAYS PEOPLE. It grows over and I have to fight to get those buggers back in my ears. I have had my ears pierced for more than half of my life. My skin heals quickly I suppose. I get that the cartilage part of your ear doesn’t heal probably ever and I had a cartilage piercing in my teens and I took it out because my ear sorta rejected it (got red and swelled up a bit), so years later I tried piercing the cartilage on the other ear and it did the same thing. I have only had those piercings in my ears for about 6 months and finally removed them to save my ear from falling off. But I can still put an earring in without trouble.

I will have to go back home tonight and fight to put my earrings in my ears and have them be sore for an hour or two because the skin on the backside of my lobe healed over. WTF. At least I didn’t need any identity theft protection!

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  1. I’ve had my ears pierced THREE TIMES and every single time they got infected. The second time the little studs actually started seeping INTO my earlope and I had to have surgery and have my ear cut to get them out. DISGUSTING. Oh well, I’m more of a tattoo person anyway. :P

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