Sharing the Fossil love

So much Fossil love has happened since I last blogged about them. Though it may sound sponsored as it always may seem with Fossil. It’s not. Just truly love the company and their products.

Remember when the CEO, and my Boss picked up some Fossil goodies in March? Then I finally showed you what was available for the Fossil summer launches!

Well friends, apparently Fossil thought it was my turn to have a little something special from them too. My friend Lori e-mailed me a birthday parcel with some Fossil treats!


Please wish my new Fossil Explorer Flap Clutch in bright blue a happy one week birthday as of today. I filled it up with my cards and my dollah billz the moment I ripped open the FedEx packaging. No holding me back. Use it or lose it baby.fossil-clutch4

My nails have already made a few minor scratch marks on the supple leather. It was a little distressing, but the soft leather will eventually be distressed on its own. Hence that’s the look it’ll age with. Soft, touchable leather.  fossil-clutch

The explorer collection is by far my favorite by Fossil since it has so many compartments. It has a huge pocket at the top of the clutch which is wide and deep enough for your phone amongst other things.

I use the second zip for coins.


Top zipper, where I mentioned I stored my blackberry. Supporting local yo! No iPhones around here.fossil-clutch2

Side view. Ain’t he pretty? I say he, because all my other Fossil’s are female. I mean, c’mon a pink explorer flap? 3 triplet watches named Stella? Girl needs a bit of diversity, am I right?


I was way overdue for a new wallet since my blue coin purse turned wallet was getting a little ratty. I had my eye on the Fossil (which I blogged about, no surprise there). And boom, that was sent to me as well. Fossil Canada Headquarters, you are way too kind to me. I appreciate it more than you know, Lori. Sending virtual hugs, friend!

This morning another surprise came to my attention. TWO parcels from Fossil in less than a week? I’m one spoiled birthday girl. Fossil mini crossbody

My co-worker and I are matching Fossil-licious fanatics!fossiliciousI need to get a photo of my entire co-workers Fossil goods. Because it’s quite unreal at how much all of us love the brand.

While my Mom was in Florida during the first few weeks of April, she e-mailed me the first day of shopping once she came back and said “Look what I got, hehe” and what do ya know. I’ve got my Mom hooked on it too. Moms Fossil watch

Laura’s birthday was a few days before mine and her daughter bought her a lot of jewellery at Fossil! I was pretty impressed.

Lauras FossilA charm bracelet with four adorable charms. I spot the locket, the giraffe, a shovel and pail, and a little birdy! She also has one of the Fossil Stella watches.

Oh, and that’s not all. Her daughter also bought her a necklace with charms too. Such fun pieces.Lauras Fossil2

Laura (shown in the photo above) also picked up this explorer crossbody purse for herself. It matches my purse. I’ll have to get a trio photo of our items together again,  just so they can hug, and remember their blue explorer cousins. lauras purse

I am a Fossil influencer. I know it. All these people have bought Fossil items because of my obsession. Or because they just love Fossil, but I like to think it’s because of me, ha!

Even the girl we interviewed a few weeks ago brought in a Fossil purse that I spotted. There’s no denying my hawk eyes. When I spot it I’m all Hey, love your purse girlfran. Instant connection.

Do you have an obsession with a product/item/thing as much as I do?

What is your favorite store to shop at? I love Fossil (who doesn’t?), H&M and Target.

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Happy dance in full force. Couldn’t wait to explode!

Okay, we get it — she likes Fossil. Ya. Apparently I’m completely obsessed with this brand.

I don’t know whether or not I haven’t been noticing it before, or if it’s because a Fossil store opened up in our local mall, or that I had something to do with influencing people to shop at Fossil. But lately everyone has been coming to me with their new Fossil purchases when they buy something in store and I just have to photograph it.

Like my boss for instance. She picked up the Georgia watch, and the turn-lock leather strap — both in Coral. A new fun color for Winter.Fossil Georgia and Turnlock wrap

My boss even surprised her daughter (my other co-worker) with the new Marlow Bifold wallet. It’s so tiny, but a perfect size for someone who doesn’t want a large wallet, right? Fits a few card slots, has a coin zipped area and a place to store cash. Aimster, it looks good on ya, ladio. Amy-with-Fossil-Marlow-Bifold

I was in Toronto last Wednesday and took the entire day off to explore the city and hang out with my friends at MAKE UP FOR EVER, and Fossil. My happy dance was in full force and couldn’t wait to explode. Especially at Fossil.

I do not know how I spent a few hours inside their Canadian headquarters. Dangit! I forgot to take a photo of my favorite person there, Lori! Next time. Of course it was all thanks to her keeping me laughing, and the conversation flowing that the hours just flew by.

Get this. If I’m new to meeting you, I’m usually quiet and awkward and my brain flies a mile a minute trying to not have these awkward silences. But at Fossil I feel so natural and comfortable inside the office, with everyone! I don’t understand how I was there for hours but I was, and it was great fun. Speaking in Italian accents, posing with new purses, and meeting some new friendly faces. Too bad I don’t live in Toronto or I’d submit my resume in!

I did leave for an hour or so and came BACK to Fossil to have a look around the leathers. I felt so exclusive! This time, I was allowed to take photos and I snapped away. Of course, since these items aren’t officially launched yet, I cannot show you photos.  But I can show you some blurred out one’s from far away to give you a little visual of what it’s like inside.

Sneak peek sorta thing, so you too can feel part of the team. :) Blurred out until the items actually launch. Then I’ll do a separate post showing you my favorite pieces! Fossil-Headquarters

I forget if this (blurred out) wallet I’m holding is from the Spring or Fall 2013 collection. Hoping it’s Spring so I can show you sooner than later. Fossil-wallet

This is the real deal folks. Amazing right? Those green bins off to the right of the photo were filled up with even more Fossil products but they were being packed away since there was a trade show out in Edmonton. Fossil-in-Toronto

Well. Since I can’t show you what’s in store for Spring 2013, and Fall 2013 — I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite key items from what is out in store’s now, and online. I was speaking with one of the women in the show room and she mentioned that Fossil is going to stop making shoes. Or have, already. Either or, I’m sad because the giraffe shoes I had picked out will never be made agaiiiinnn.

Maddox-Novelty-FlatI wanted to buy them but now I noticed that they only have a size 6 left. Arg! 

Okay back to my favorites that are now available for purchase:


  1. Georgia Glitz Stainless Steel Watch ($135)
  2. Chain Wrist Wrap ($28)
  3. Minnie Flat ($79)
  4. Elephant Charm ($18)
  5. and my MOST FAVORITE: Explorer Flap Clutch ($60)

No this is not a sponsored post. I love Fossil, remember?

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Give me my asthma inhaler, for this one!

After the breakfast was done at the Make Up For Ever event, I was already in my favorite area of Toronto, Yorkville. So I decided to do some shopping at Anthropologie.

I tried on this mullet top. You know, business in the front, party in the back. I bought a few other things while I was there.

I read a blog earlier in August, that Free People finally came to Toronto and headed over there for my next destination. I wasn’t overly thrilled by anything in the store and left quickly.

I ended up popping into the Eaton Centre to kill some time before going to the Fossil head office. I went into another favorite store of mine, Zara. There was a few people hanging around these two blonde ladies, snapping photos. While others circled around and whispered. I knew it was someone famous so I got right in front. Made some questionable faces, trying to figure out who they were, exactly.

I saw this photo being taken by kworku31. Was it The Hiltons? It kinda looked like Nikki Hilton, but the Mother – no, I know her from somewhere. They were wearing huge sunglasses so I couldn’t exactly tell.

Bah! It was freaking the reality TV star from The Real Housewives of Vancouver. I saw Jody Claman, and her two daughters. I watched  a few episodes of the show on my iPad, and thought it was pretty nuts so I haven’t watched it since. I also didn’t take a photo, because I get weird in those situations.

A week before going to Toronto for the day, I e-mailed Lori — the PR Manager for Fossil Canada who I’ve been talking to on the phone and via e-mail on a regular basis for a few months. Get this. I asked her if she wanted to meet up.

As soon as I sent the e-mail I started getting winded. I was excited because I knew that she would of course meet up with me. That was a big step, out of my comfort zone, if you knew me in person. I can be quite shy!

I took the subway over to the Fossil Headquarters and when I walked up to the receptionist’s desk who was the sweetest person.  She said she recognized me but didn’t know where from until I told her that I blogged and handed her my business card button, I told her I was meeting Lori for the first time.

The receptionist (Sorry I cannot remember her name. If you’re reading this, I think you’re so sweet and great!) told me after she received my button that Lori sent out my Fossil blog posts to all the Fossil crew in … Canada. Dude. Where’s my asthma inhaler? I also left a few of these buttons around Toronto as well, while I was there. Hee hee.

Lori took me to a local restaurant and we chatted about everything! I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable at all. Once we left the restaurant we walked back up to the Fossil office and I was introduced to (Guys, I can’t even type this with a serious face) the GM of Fossil, Sian.

I may have acted like that Newfoundland lady, from the Ellen show. (Skip to 1:30)

I did a little running dance on the spot, started giggling. Got embarrassed, bent over, and covered my face trying to stop myself from laughing so hard. Then I was asked if I was okay, if I needed to sit down and drink some water.

I’m tellin’ ya. My parents are wondering “Who raised you?” They ask me this all the time.

After I calmed down, the three of us were honestly just having a great conversation in this corner office, made of almost all glass windows in downtown Toronto. I couldn’t believe I was there. I even said during a break in conversation: Oh my LORD. Guys we are having casual chit chat in the FOSSIL. OFFICE! Then I got them roaring laughing again. It’s hard to put into words how amazing it was. Truly. It’s also hard to tell you the kind of vibe that was there, so relaxed. Like, c’mon. Me joking around with the GM, and PR manager! How crazy right?

Sian when she first met me said that SHE felt like she was meting someone famous, since shes been reading my blog. Girl! I feel the exact same way now that I’m actually inside the Fossil Office for real. FOR. REAL. She even asked me if she could hug me. AGH! Hug away!!!!!

I got a tour of Fossil, but unfortunately the show room was unexpectedly taken up so I couldn’t go in and touch the leather goods. I did get to see a sneak peak of what’s in store for the Spring collection. Doubt I can say any more than that so I won’t.

I did get to go in to the “watch room” as I’ll just call it, and scope out some of the other watches Fossil makes (?): Michael Kors, DKNY, Georgio Armani, Burberry, and Diesel! Lori was talking to me, telling me stories and my eyes were just so wide. It was the coolest thing ever, and I was by myself. Little ol’ Nancy, from Newfoundland. Getting a tour of Fossil Canada in downtown Toronto. Can you believe it?

I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask, if I could take photos of the inside of the place. So I didn’t. But I did take a few snaps while I was gazing out the window of Sian’s office.

The location is right in front of the Roy Thompson Hall. The checkered red window you see in the bottom photo, is CBC!

Sian also handed me the second Fall 2012 catalog for Fossil. Cool. I didn’t know companies did that – have multiple catalogs for each season. Remember the inside of the catalog from the first Fall 2012 collection?

I wonder if I can take some photos next time? Oh yes, even after all of my antics, I was invited back. I even gasped a few times when Lori told me to contact her the next time I’m in Toronto! I love new friends, of course I’ll contact you!

Lori ever so generously gave me a brand new Fossil watch, I couldn’t thank her enough. This is the Heather Leather Watch – Sand.

Time for a photo shoot with the watch, yesterday morning! lol

Pretty right? To be honest, I was a little hesitant on the looks of it when I first saw it. But paired with the right outfit (my fav, neutrals), it totally fits, and I really do love it.

I was still in the elevator going up to my apartment, I called my parents and I don’t think I let them have a word in for a good 8 minutes. I was speaking so fast the thoughts were racing through my head, from throughout the day. It was incredible.

It was my Mom’s bed time since I got home late, Newfoundland’s timezone is a head of us here in Ontario. So I chatted with my dad further. He explained to me that one year for Christmas (I’m thinking between 1-3 years ago) that I gave him a Fossil wallet. I have no idea what that wallet looks like, and I cannot remember for the life of me buying it for him, but I did. Either way, he was telling me that — get this, in his 78 years of living he honestly says that this (his own words):  “F-U-S-S-I-L imprinted on the wallet” (it’s Fossil, Dad!)  “is the best one yet“. Ha, score brownie points!

I have to say, this whole day on Thursday was like a dream come true. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, spent with so many amazing people new friends! 

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