I wasn’t entirely planning on taking yesterday off blogging, or taking the entire week off working out. It’s Christmas, that’s all the excuse I’m going to use right now. I am officially on Christmas vacation! So long, desk.


Until January!

Plus, I finished the 50 Day Push Up Challenge on December 20, and I’m SO SO happy it’s done. But at the same time I feel like there is something missing. I had been doing them all on my knee’s for the past 50 days and it was rough going. Eventually I want to do them off my toes. I think on January 1st, I’ll re-start the 50 day challenge and do them from my toes. Yikes. I feel like that’s so much more hardcore.

Better late than never: my OOTWW (Outfit’s from the work week) posted up along with my Triple F Friday being a wee bit late posting tomorrow. It’s been a busy hectic week, and I may have laid down in Alfie’s pet bed once or twice! No shame.ootwwStay tuned for my Triple F Friday to be posted in the morning. I’m going to head to bed and watch “Double Dexter!” which means… two episodes of Dexter, haha! We’re on season 3. 

See you in the morning for a giveaway! :)

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  1. I find push-ups SO hard. Even after working out VERY regularly for months, I still do them on my knees. It makes me feel better though to realize that someone I consider very fit does push-ups on her knees too!
    Happy Vacation Nancy!

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