I am not feeling clever this morning so I don’t have anything funny or witty to say. But I will tell you the truth, and it’s what I tweeted out about a half hour ago.

Putting on a thong this early in the morning truly is rocket science. Which side is up?! I always seem to put it on sideways or inside out. Have you ever had these troubles? Seriously though.

Change of topic. I drew the winners name for the Philosophy Gift Set and contacted her, so that’s all grand. But don’t forget to enter my Mondetta Performance Gear giveaway! There’s low entries, and tons of ways to enter.

Off to do some dishes before work. But first, the outfits of the work week:ootww

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Wow, jeeze. The feedback I received from everyone on twitter, instagram and the comments from The Results of Paleo were phenomenal and made me smile! Thank you for making me feel awesome inside and out :)

Does everyone have weekend plans? Tell me them. Today we have two more second interviews to go through and then we’re done. I think. I’m excited to see what today brings, but that’s all I’ll say about that.

As for the weekend, I’m actually getting my hair dyed tonight after work. I spotted some grey hairs behind my ears so I panicked and booked an appointment immediately. lol There’s no way I’m going to have grey hairs poking out of my head anytime soon. How depressing.

I plan on going to Toronto with the Boyfriend at some point and then on Sunday we’re going to drive to Guelph to see some of my family. Including the almost due with her first baby cousin Vanessa! That’s exciting :)

Onto the outfits from the work week. My favorite would’ve been yesterdays outfit if I could have found that shrug cardigan I planned on wearing. But I couldn’t. So it was all over the place. Either way, here you go and I’m now off to work!


Have a great weekend everyone :)

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Ehh! Good day!

The week flew by didn’t it? Probably because I took Wednesday off work, to head into Toronto. Didn’t realize I forgot to blog yesterday, til it was too late. I’m sure you all noticed ;)

I can certainly tell when I don’t put time into coordinating my outfits that I wear to work. I usually prepare all my clothing on Sunday nights, but this week and last I felt too lazy to do so. Which results in boring attire ;)

Onto the OOTWW:

ootwwNext up, triple f friday (are you fun, fit and/or fashionable? Want to be featured on my blog next week? See below this post for details!)

Meg stands up for herself on her blog. Negativity is NOT welcome!

Leanne posts on how she keeps her hair healthy by only washing it twice a week. Dry shampoo is her new BFF.

Girl bought a new carrrrrr.

Wish my hair looked good air dried, as Aleeza’s does. Jeally-cakes (me trying to sound hip. I mean jealous…) 

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