I am not feeling clever this morning so I don’t have anything funny or witty to say. But I will tell you the truth, and it’s what I tweeted out about a half hour ago.

Putting on a thong this early in the morning truly is rocket science. Which side is up?! I always seem to put it on sideways or inside out. Have you ever had these troubles? Seriously though.

Change of topic. I drew the winners name for the Philosophy Gift Set and contacted her, so that’s all grand. But don’t forget to enter my Mondetta Performance Gear giveaway! There’s low entries, and tons of ways to enter.

Off to do some dishes before work. But first, the outfits of the work week:ootww

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  1. Love tuesday and thursday outfits. Really like blue stuff like that blouse. Very prety.
    Thursday looks nice and comfy, specially those boots. Great look as well.

    As for thongs, if it’s single colored and have no small details, i agree it’s rocket science. lol

    Anyway, i don’t like wearing thongs with jeans. Prefer cheeky panties or bikinis (brazilian cut) for that.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. great outfits again this week.. real relaxing yet stylish.. I love dressy clothes but if I can’t be comfortable I get agitated. No one wants to be around me when my push up bra goes astray. haha

    Me and thongs are not friends wither. Now, if my bod was even half as good as yours, well, maybe we could be friends but those darn things seem to fight with my butt and by lunch time I’m normally going commando and no one wants that. Unless it’s a date night, I’m in my granny drawers and feeling good. haha
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  3. @Candi: Gotta say – I wear pushup bras on a daily basis. If I don’t, I don’t have anything Lol.

    I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard outloud all week!!!!! You had me roaring at the underwear comment, haha.

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