OOTD: Black on black on black

ootd-HEADERI love doing outfit of the day type of posts, and it looks like you guys are huge fans of them to. Any time I do them, my blog blows up.

reachGuess that means I should do more?



laughingWhat I’m wearing: White Sierra targhee insulated jacket, Zara jeans,Canada Home T, ASOS purse, Ray Ban sunnies, and Target sneakers.

black-on-blackWell here ya have it. Black on black on black, outfit of the day in downtown San Jose.



Stylish-in-blackLooks like I’m all suited up for winter, doesn’t it? Well, technically I am pretty set when it comes to winter gear, thanks to White Sierra for supplying my husband and I with a few new outer layers. I wore this one day when it was cool enough. It hasn’t been cool enough to wear it since. One day last week was 36*C you guys! That’s hotter than heck. I stayed inside and cranked the A/C. Now, cool down again please, so I can wear this stylin’ jacket.

Black-on-BlackI guess you can’t really see that the jacket is long enough to cover my bum. Which is nice. Most jackets like these just go to the belt-line and then a gust of wind will go up your back, giving you a chill. Not that you’d really get chilled in California. But if I were to wear this back home in Canada? Oh ya.


Don’t be fooled, I’m still my regular awkward self. Proof is in the bloopers:awkward-2



And there ya have it, another OOTD in the books. Should I make this a weekly thing?

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prAna Fall Style | OOTD

IMG_20160904_223757Gosh, can you believe how ancient I am? I’ve been climbing for 21 years! The reason this is relevant to today’s blog post, is because I remember the days of indoor climbing back home in Newfoundland and seeing my pals wearing prAna gear.

IMG_20160904_224114Skip forward 21 years and I’m living in the same state where prAna started their business, Carlsbad California. It’s kinda cool really, and I’m loving how well known they’ve gotten over the years. You might even remember my #SpiffykermsprAna instagram giveaway that I hosted last year directly with prAna with their new retail store in Palo Alto. Two people won outfits from their collection, and I’m still rockin and wearing those striped yoga pants. Love’em.

Digging the sweater, since it dips into your waist a little bit giving you a nice figure flattering shape, instead of a regular sweater where it just looks a little boxy.

IMG_20160904_222230Here I’m wearing the prAna Mattea Sweater (recycled wool), and the London Jeans (organic cotton jeans, which are now on sale!), on my feet I’m wearing a pair of suede wedge peep toe booties that a friend GAVE me. I know! I love them. Here’s a close up:

IMG_20160904_224400prAna’s mission is to inspire healthy, active, and free-spirited living. Since there was a mild crispness in the air this Labour Day weekend, I thought it was perfect timing to wear my sweater from prAna to show you some pieces that are upcoming to their Fall Collection, this was the outfit I wore yesterday! I’m happy to see they bring back the classics from last year — I spotted the exact sweater on their website when I was doing my giveaway last year.

IMG_20160904_221525What did you guys do this weekend? We had a pretty low-key Labour Day weekend, as Mr. Spiffykerms came down with a bit of a head cold on Friday. Just in time for the weekend right? Poor guy.

IMG_20160904_230918We were productive though, and washed some of the bikes down, ya’know gave them a little yearly bath so to speak. Let me tell you. That’s a bit of a #WeirdWorkout if there ever was one. Either that, or I’m gettin’ old. My back is a little sore from crouching down in my flip flops and jogging pants for a good hour giving these old bikes a sponge bath! Haha.

Want a discount code and see more outfits? Read more below! (By the way, are you liking this ‘read more’ option? I’m still undecided. I like how clean it keeps my website but I don’t know how many people are into it…?! Tell me!)

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What I wore to Brit + Co.

I’m over on Megan’s blog guest posting for her today, as she’s settling into her new home in Portland Oregon! At least now the thirty minutes of voice notes I send her via What’s App can be reached during my time zone now. Yay!

Although it’s fall seemingly everywhere in the world, California has yet to get this memo. Sometimes (like today for instance) I decide enough is enough, Mother Nature! I rebel. I rebel and wear pants, long sleeved clothing and well, kinda sweat! However, something’s gotta give. I then resort to wearing sandals. Not only ordinary boring flip flops like I usually slip on my feet. But these fancy one’s are my new Free People one’s that I got the other day. Aren’t they super stylish? I feel like the olive green is such a neutral olive tone that it could pair easily with a lot of things I already own.

I’m not sure whether or not Fall time is my favourite time of year. I don’t drink expensive Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, but I do love lattes, and I also love Starbucks’ Peppermint White Mocha’s. You don’t hear many people chatting about that one often, do you? But I do love layering my clothes for fall. I find layering easier than dressing for summer. What are your thoughts? I mean, look at the pieces you can add to make an outfit more appealing, a faux leather jacket, a soft knit scarf (my favourites are the one’s from Zara), and a beanie! For summer, ya got some cute sandals (screwed if you don’t have a nice pedicure) + shorts and a top. That’s it. Overdress and you’re sweltering.

Fall is so much easier. I mean, the endless layering!

I like to keep things comfortable and casual. That’s my style, like I said I can wear “my uniform” of jeans and a tee and be absolutely comfortable with what I’m wearing. But on occasion I feel like I need to style it a bit more.

Adding in a pair of eye catching shoes and a nice purse? Hurrah! A simple outfit transformed into a stylish one, just with a fancy looking pair of sandals, and a hand-me-down purse that basically looks brand new.

OOTD-Brit-Co-1Outfit details: 

H&M Top //
Hand-me-down purse (seriously! Amazing right?) //
Target black jeans //
Free people sandals  //

OOTD-Brit-Co-3I’m digging the new sandals I got from Free People. I also featured them in another outfit of the day post when I wore them to the Le Diner en Blanc party in San Francisco.


Sometimes, I awkwardly smile when the camera is on me. Case in point with the photos above, and below. Especially fan-girling over someone you’re not entirely sure who she was at first. I mean, Lauren was super interested in meeting her, so I thought I should be too. Hey, bein’ honest.

Outtakes-with-Jen-GotchSo, there’s me, and Jen Gotch founder of Ban.do. Ya might’ve heard of her before. Unlike me. Living under a rock. Oops. At least I made her laugh.

Jen-Gotch-and-spiffykermsBy the way, totally remember seeing Jen’s creations at places like Chapters, etc! Awesome, right? She’s such a funny character. I bet we could be buds.

Brit-Co-meetingThen there’s more California celebrity sightings. Hee hee. Me with the #girlbosses: Brit Morin, CEO and founder of Brit+ Co, and Jordan Ferney, DIY blogger of Oh Happy Day.

Hope you enjoyed a different variation of my usual outfit of the days today, and found some new websites to check out and read/learn from, and create!! Get creatin’.


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