GM Canada meets spiffykerms

Are you freaking kidding me?

When I heard from GM Canada, saying I’d be on their bloggers list I wasn’t expecting to get a car for a week.

That is my big surprise.

I received the e-mail at work and I was getting giggly from the excitement. Then my co-worker saw that I had tears in my eyes and asked if I was crying. That turned into a full fledged bawl where I had to ask Julie, between giggles, if I could get a tissue. Co-workers walked by and asked us if I was alright, because it looked like I was upset.

So! Today was the day to go get’er done. I drove my Boyfriend and I in my Mazda to Toronto this morning and I went to pick up this beaut for the week.

He and I both took separate cars (obviously he had my own personal car and I have the Chevrolet) to Yorkdale shopping centre where I spent hours and hours browsing the stores while he went to the Auto Show with his friend. I ended up leaving Yorkdale around supper time just so I could get back onto the highway with no issues reading signs and driving in a brand new car for the first time, solo, on the highway.

It was quite a sturdy car on the 401 going back to my city. The seats in the car felt really comfortable which made for a nice ride home.

I’ll post more details soon!

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  1. ooeeee….this car looks awesome. what is your favourite part about the car? I am actually looking at getting a new car…do you know if they make any good hatchback or wagon style cars..

    Love the colour!!

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