On-Star. My new favorite button

As you already know I have the Chevrolet Cruze for the week, to review on my blog. Two days ago my co-worker Julie and I drove to her house for lunch. I used the On-Star button for the very first time to navigate to her place. The On-Star button is located on the mirror of the vehicle.

I pushed the button semi-knowing what to expect.

The Satellite radio was on, and the volume lowered itself and the phone started ringing just like an ordinary hands-free telephone. I’m always tuned into either this radio station or BPM. I love upbeat tuneage. ;)

A gentleman came on the phone and I wasn’t sure what I was expecting so I immediately blurted out the details of Julie’s address. It took about 30 seconds for him to find the location as we were driving towards her house and he asked if there was anything else he could do for us. I started giggling and thanking him saying that On-Star is my new favorite feature on a car. He laughed as well then thanked me for using On-Star. I can’t get over how neat this feature is. You don’t need an extra GPS attached to your windshield, you can comfortable chat to a person over satellite and they can find you instantly on the road, and know where you are.

He then hung up, and just like that the directions popped up onto my screen where I’d normally see what music was playing on my dashboard. It literally was a step-by-step route to her house like if you were using a GPS system. Turn right in 400 meters… and so on.

The On-Star feature isn’t just for directions. You can call them from your cell phone if you locked your keys in the car. You can even call them to blink and toot your horn if you can’t find your car in the mall’s parking lot (oh my word), and even call for the closest location to a Tim Hortons. Come to think of it, I kinda just feel like calling them up for a chat but I don’t want to waste their time.

On Friday or Saturday I plan on writing a pro’s and con’s list of everything I thought about the vehicle. Such as the size of the car, gas mileage, how I thought the Cruze drove, and little things that I’d like to see added.

Is there anything in particular you’d like me to blog about? It’ll be interesting to see how it handles the rough roads tomorrow morning. It’s supposed to snow 5-10cm overnight, then freeze and then snow again tomorrow.

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GM Canada meets spiffykerms

Are you freaking kidding me?

When I heard from GM Canada, saying I’d be on their bloggers list I wasn’t expecting to get a car for a week.

That is my big surprise.

I received the e-mail at work and I was getting giggly from the excitement. Then my co-worker saw that I had tears in my eyes and asked if I was crying. That turned into a full fledged bawl where I had to ask Julie, between giggles, if I could get a tissue. Co-workers walked by and asked us if I was alright, because it looked like I was upset.

So! Today was the day to go get’er done. I drove my Boyfriend and I in my Mazda to Toronto this morning and I went to pick up this beaut for the week.

He and I both took separate cars (obviously he had my own personal car and I have the Chevrolet) to Yorkdale shopping centre where I spent hours and hours browsing the stores while he went to the Auto Show with his friend. I ended up leaving Yorkdale around supper time just so I could get back onto the highway with no issues reading signs and driving in a brand new car for the first time, solo, on the highway.

It was quite a sturdy car on the 401 going back to my city. The seats in the car felt really comfortable which made for a nice ride home.

I’ll post more details soon!

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