BC/Alberta (2)

Keeping in line with my first post, I’ll be reminiscing about my awesome vacation on the west coast.  I left it off where you saw my boyfriend on the bike, waving at us.

All images can be clicked and enlarged.


There isn’t a great photo of him on the run, or the finish but I assure you he did finish! So here he is at the finish line, still standing on his own and looking quite athletic in his 2xU outfit. Looks a bit soaked from the how many kilometers of racing? I love it when he wears his hat backwards. Much more hotter than on front ways ;) It was crazy because I saw people come in before him and they literally collapsed or their legs seized up and starting jolting around sporadically. It was pretty scary.

The day after the race we both decided to take it easy, and the next day we were going out to do some super fun water sports.

I present to you, the seadooing expedition and para-sailing!! Ignore out faces. It was difficult to get a nice photo on that sea-doo.


Straight after that we signed up to go out on the water again for para-sailing. They didn’t have anything open for about an hour and a half so we went to eat lunch at some random place, and the food was served to us within minutes. Literally. It was so fast. It was devoured even quicker. It looks like we’re bored to death in the photos below, but I’m a fast one, whipping out my camera at any given time. This was us, waiting for lunch lol.


Since the restaurant was close to the water and the next activity we weren’t rushed, so we walked down to the boat house for our 4PM appointment and we hopped on a speed boat  (shown below) and got to do this:

IMG_6981Okay actually I lied. You can’t see our speed boat, but you can see the 4 blue sea-doo’s on the dock. We went on one of those suckas!


Sitting down and getting harnessed in. There were two teenagers that went up before us, so that’s why there’s random people in the shot. I asked their mother if she could take photos of my boyfriend and I, and she took SO many. I was super happy and thankful for that :)

Up … up … up and awayyy.


That’s all for now. Stay tuned for post #3 coming riiiiiight up — in a few days, that is!

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