BC/Alberta (3)

Reverting back to my second post in my vacation … The next day we decided to walk up a trail next to the Hollywood Penticton sign.


I remember not wanting my photo taken here, hence the stance I am in. Lovely.


We then hopped in the car and went out again seeking adventure. (He doesn’t like his photo being taken heh heh)


Saw a run down fruit stand that may or may still be in operation. It’s difficult to take photos of something like this, especially going highway speed in a car. Shucks!IMG_7086

Not many more photos to show you from the other hike, because I mean c’mon I’ll be doing BC/Alberta posts for the whole month of September if I add everything. Eegad. So the next day, we headed out to a mountain that I really don’t remember the name of because I’m terrible with stuff like that. Just give me a visual and I’ll know what I’m remembering back on.


Funny story behind this 2 or 3 hour hike that we did. There were wild cows on the loose. Well, they were tagged. But they got spooked by us and there was a forest around us with a big cliff drop on either side, for only about 500 meters. Little did we know that the whole hoard (okay just 2 lol), of them wanted to join the rest of the pack (4) who were ahead of us. We were kind of stranded because we didn’t know whether or not we should pass them. They were just staring us down and moo-ing. Eventually we scrambled up the forest and tried to shoo them past us, but they weren’t having it. Staredown it was. We just continued to break our way through the mini-forest and climb up a small hill to get to another path that lead us to the car. Whewf.


See what I mean? Look at those cows behind me (top right).


Top of the mountain, once again! Hallelujah. I have this photo (without Scott or I in the photo) as my desktop background at work. I haven’t edited any of these photos to make them look as awesome as they did in person, because quite frankly I was too lazy to go through 850+ of them and decipher which ones to edit. So I left them. To rot. Kidding!


After all the excitement of the cows, we went to a fancy looking McDonalds with beautiful mountains behind it. Those mountains always amazed me, you guys. It honestly looked like the mountains were painted onto the sky. They just didn’t look real! I got a caramel ice cream sundae that was bombarded with 4 pumps of caramel! The woman was going WILD with my sundae. I surely didn’t mind. But man, was that ever the caramelyiest (forgive me for making up that word) sundae known to man kind. Don’t you usually just pay for extra pumps? I got it all for freeeeeeee.

I still have a few more posts coming up. Keep on comin’ back!

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