It’s Friday the 13th you know. I’m not really superstitious, because if I was I’d be a much more anxious/worried person than I already am. But first, my outfits of the work week.


Crossing a black cats path? How about I just avoid cats altogether because cats in general freak me the F out.  Even talking about them makes me sweat. Yet somehow I always get talked into looking after friends/family members houses (which are usually filled with more than one cat and no dogs). Why can’t dog people ask me to house sit?

Find a penny and pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck. Did you ever really have good luck picking up that penny? I always sang that little tune but I never did have anything spectacular stand out to me on those particular days. Now those days are getting far and few between since… well, Canadians don’t manufacture pennies any more.

Walking under ladders. Who would truly walk under a ladder anyway? I walk under scaffolding a lot when there’s construction going on, but not ladders. Those are small, and flimsy and may collapse!

A Rabbits Foot Will Bring You Luck. Don’t call PETA on me, but I remember my brother having a key chain with a dead rabbits foot on it at one point during our childhood. I never wanted one since I thought it was disgusting, but conveniently enough I was the luckier kid out of the two of us. I would always find money on the ground (I actually found a 50 euro note in Ireland while I was with my Brother!), or have better luck with ordinary day stuff.

Although, I do like to make a wish on a chicken wish bone,  don’t like to open umbrellas inside, and I knock on wood quite a bit. Always have and if there isn’t any wood around I knock on my head.

I’m pretty excited for this weekend. I’m driving to Toronto for a Make Up For Ever event at the Eaton Centre tomorrow. Then shortly after that I’m going to finally meet Leanne from Fresh Season, Erica from Waste My Time and a few other girls that I’ve hung out with before. We’ll be dining in one of my favorite parts of Toronto,  Yorkville for some food and just enjoying our time together.

Are you superstitious?

What are your plans this weekend?

Have you ever met someone from the internet?

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Throwing donuts

Hey guys!

First off I want to address the abundance of warm, kind hearted comments I received on yesterdays post: Getting cold feet on healthy living. Thank you guys so much for being there for me, and understanding and pep-talking me through my guilt! I appreciate you all so much :)

I took the night off CrossFit last night and did a bunch of chores around the house. Mainly because there was more Power Cleans at CrossFit and I did them 3x last week, all with 100lbs, so I’ve got the bruises to show for it, and I’m trying to let them all heal up on my quads. So ugly.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t go out immediately after work. Here’s what I managed to get done last night:

Wow hey?

Today I have a guest post to share with you. Back in October I held a ‘Perfect Day‘ contest, and the winner finally had a chance to use her voucher. The winner also happens to be my co-worker (how crazy was that? She had a great chance of winning since there was only 8 people who entered into that contest.

Anyway, here she is. Take it away L:


Hi Nancy! Just popping in to say THANKS! For the fun giveaway ( back in the fall 2012). I finally had a chance to use it!

This past weekend, me and my Hubs toured to the Big City of Toronto! And took advantage of my prize. We chose the “Dinner & Comedy” option.

Along with our prize, we rented a lovely little room at a luxe hotel right downtown which was near the location where we spent our “perfect day!”

RestaurantWayne Gretzky’s Sports Bar & Restaurant in Toronto

Thanks to your generous giveaway, we enjoyed (flawless service through the perfect day company) and indulged in a yummy meal at Wayne Gretzky’s Sports Bar & Restaurant. It was pretty cool, LOTS of authentic Gretzky memorabilia and nostalgia to look at through the place and a few dozen big screen tv’s to watch the game on ( if that’s your thing). Not to mention a fully paid bill at the end!!! If you are interested… my appetizer, was a delish Carrot & Curry soup, my main was Stuffed Chicken with Seasonal Steamed Veg and a Mashed Garlic Potato, and desert… a Sweet Vanilla Ice-cream filled Mini Pie-Crust topped with Mixed Berry Coulis. Drool.

Wayne GretzkyComedy Club

Next we walked around the corner to the Second City Comedy Club. FUN-NY! It was a lounge/theatre type club where we spent 2 hours laughing and smiling at the improve and skit comedy, and enjoying a drink together. So FUN. SO Funny…again flawless!


To top the night off, we met up with a few friends, and chatted the night away at a Boutique Restaurant called Michaels until 3AM. Walking back to the hotel, I totally forgot how late (errr… early?) it was. I mean, there were still people out and about all over. I guess it really is “the city that never sleeps”! It was definitely a treat to indulge and enjoy a really perfect day out with my Hubs! This mama rarely gets such luxurious free time!

Thanks spiffykerms, and Perfect Day!


street performersPS. I should make mention of the homeless person (?) we mistook for a street performer in Dundas Square! Along with many other buskers and performers… this guy was part of the crowd. We watched as he pulled out a roll of duct tape, theatrically peeled off 3 long strips… arranged them on the pavement in a perfect triangle shape. Stepped inside the designated area… and proceeded… to ….. throw donuts at passers by and traffic! Oh my!


Awesome McMomsie, glad you enjoyed the night out in Toronto! Sounded like an adventure, especially with the dude at the end throwing donuts at you. Ha!

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OOTWW & TripleFFriday #7

I am beyond excited for tonight’s activities!

If you were checking into my blog on a daily basis you would’ve seen that I told you about the Sport Chek’s Face Off Tennis game that’s happening tonight in Toronto. I’m leaving work early, to attend with the Boyfriend. All thanks to Sport Chek! How great is that?

So, just a quick outfit’s of the work week — then jolly on to the Triple F Friday post!

But before I start. Brett Wilson tweeted at me. Swoon! All thanks to Casie lol. It happened on Monday, and my week? …. My week was made. Canadians will know him from the show The Dragon’s Den. He didn’t say much. But that’s okay, he still at-ed me. I know that’s not a word.

Hilary looks awesome in the bright fall colours. She also moved into a new place!

I told Meg I loved the new bangs on her. I said that she’s so pretty I could stare at her all day. Creepy, huh?

My friend Jeanine started blogging again! I’m so excited. One day I’ll meet her — I mean, she’s only in Toronto!

Head on over to Valerie’s blog and send her some love. Her Boyfriend is off to BC for work again, and they’re going to be apart until April! :(

I get a lot of outfit’s inspiration from J’s Everyday Fashion blog. Check out some of her outfits!

Leanne shows us how to get long lasting make up.

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