Holiday Decorations

I “met” Aleeza by finding her beauty videos on YouTube. She’s not too far away from me, as she’s located in Toronto. I usually live vicariously through her expensive taste and haul videos. Love them. Aleeza was also doing Project 10 Pan and reminded me that I should do it too. You can check her channel out, and she also blogs and is on twitter. Aleeza must know that I’m incredibly into Nutcrackers this year — check out her favorite decorations below! Love that she personalized the little tree with my name, awww!!


  One of my favourite things about the holidays is decorating the tree. I love shopping for new ornaments, especially at Crate and Barrel. There are always new ones every year (and also some classics).


1. Metal Bow Ornaments
Normally, you would find these on a gift box but they look even better on the tree.

 2. Wooly Winter Sport Penguin Ornaments
Who doesn’t love penguins? Especially after the Happy Feet movie. These fun-loving penguins are enjoying some of the fun activities of Winter.

 3. Tree Ornaments
I love the spirals of sparkling gold wire. The swirling shapes decorated with glitter and beads double as a placecard holder. It’s perfect for the table or the tree.

 4. Nutcracker Ornaments
The Nutcracker is the epitome of holiday entertainment. Seeing these stalwart wood soldiers painted in candy-striped color schemes make me nostalgic for Christmas.

 5. Silver Frame Ornaments
These mini keepsake frames come in several shapes. You can hang photos from the tree or set it upright with easel back. These also make great gifts.

6. Snowmen with Snow Ornaments
Glass snowmen bundled up in festive winter hats and tinsel scarves, which also double as a snow globe.

What ornaments are gracing your trees?



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The weekender wrapup

Relaxing Canada Day weekend? Not quite! We were go-go-go the entire time.

Friday was our holiday and my Boyfriend and I met up with some of my neighbours who I knew back home in Newfoundland. They were passing through my city and we met up with them for lunch at Montana’s! If any of you go there – you have to try out their nachos. Sans beans, or beef. Add the chicken. I’m not sure what they do to the actual nacho chips, I joke and say it’s MSG because it’s so addicting. Craving them again already!

Saturday we drove to Paris (Ontario lol) and attended an engagement party for my awesome friends who actually live in Banff. I haven’t seen them for 5 years, and the last time I was in Banff, they were in my city. Imagine that timing, sucky hey.

Last night we headed out to a Toronto wedding for my Boyfriend’s friend. It was held at the Casa Loma — a beautiful castle in Toronto, and you can be sure I took a ton of photos there. It was different than any wedding I’ve ever attended because the bride was Muslim, so it was quite traditional. It was a very posh wedding, including 5 out of the 10 people at our dinner table being Doctors. Onto the photos, since they all speak for themselves:

I was impressed by the live DJ playing actual vinyl on the dance floor. Some of the music was Bollywood style mixed in with the music you’d typically hear on the radio. It was interesting!

I wore this dress for the second time since I bought it back for another wedding in 2006. I’m not feeling very wordy this evening, so I’ll leave it all at that! Hope your Monday back to work after the long weekend wasn’t too hard on you. As for the Americans, Happy Independence Day :)

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