Guest post: What’s In My Bag?

Today I’m handing over my blog to my old co-worker and fantastic friend, Amy. Ever since I moved from Canada to California, I have missed hanging out with her and laughing until we cry. I miss our secret hand-shake (tweedle deedle dee), and I can’t wait to head back to Ontario one day to spend a weekend with her and her Mom (my old boss!). Amy started a beauty blog not too long after my move to California. I feel like she’s doing SO well with it, blogging regularly, and with awesome content. She has nail art skills, you guys. It’s crazy. I love it.

Her social media links are at the bottom of the post. Hope you enjoy! So here you go. Take it away Aimster buddy-oh!IMG_2917
Everyone has that one friend who is always super prepared and brings everything with them “just in case”. I have always been that friend. Even when I was little and played with Barbies, if there was ever an opportunity to pack a suitcase or buy supplies, you could bet I had something for every occasion. Since then, I have really applied that to my everyday life and even go a little overboard. My purse is no exception. Trust me, I have gotten much better. for example, I used to carry a tape measurer in my bag – you know, just in case I had to measure something. But recently, I have narrowed it down to things I use almost every day or would need in an emergency. Here is a look at my every day bag.
This huge, beautiful, durable bag I got last year at Payless Shoe Store on sale for $20! I doubt it is available still but if it was, I would have bought a backup. I love this thing so much. Since buying it, I did modify it a little by taking off the material that used to wrap through the gold chains. Otherwise it is perfectly in tact. It is huge but not overbearing which always comes in handy. If you knew me 2 years ago, you would know I never used a purse.During and after high school, I simply used a backpack for all of my many “just in case” items. Like I said, overboard. But last year, when I saw this beauty on the sale shelf at Payless, I switched right away. Particularly, I love the quilted leathery look that this bag has and that gold chain in contrast.

Enough about the purse though, let’s look in the bag. At heart, I am a person that strives on organization. My purse, therefore, is split up into little pockets and bags each containing a specific theme of things. Right now, I have 2 bags which are both from Sephora and one pocket. Occasionally, I will switch out the bags since I have so many awesome ipsy pouches, but these two are the biggest so it is what I went with. Lets look at the make up pouch first!
In here, I keep several brushes and then some products. This bag has probably decreased the most as I used to keep all of my mini products in here – “just in case”. For now, I have enough stuff to do a full face of make up with a few different options. It sounds excessive – and it is – but it is great if I didn’t have enough time in the morning. I can apply everything while on my way to work with ease.
Quo Travel Blush Brush / Eco Tools Buffing Brush / Eco Tools Eye shadow brushes / Estee Lauder Eye shadow Brushes / Quo Travel eyeliner brush / Elizabeth Arden Lip Brush / Bare Minerals mini (comparable to this) / Crown Brush duel ended / Revlon tweezers / Revlon nail clippers / Too Faced Primed & Poreless / Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer / Bare Minerals mini eye shadow duo in The Inspiration / Pacifica Eyeshadow duo / Jesses Girl liquid liner in Black / YSL Baby Doll mascara / Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner / Nars Blush in Deep Throat / Benefit Watts Up / Smashbox Lip Lacquer / Starlooks Lip Gloss / Bare Minerals Lipstick in Get Ready / Malin + Goetz Lip Balm / Kiss Lash Glue / Clean Skin rollerball / Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
Another bag I keep stocked up is my hygiene and hair stuff bag. In here, I keep some pony tails, clips, a headband and hair brush in order to pull my hair back when needed. My mini Tresemmé dry shampoo fits comfortably in here too in case I need a bit of a boost throughout the day. A mini tooth paste and tooth brush for after lunch or if I spend the night somewhere after work. This bag also has a mini Dove deodorant since I sometimes forget to slap some on in the mornings. A Sephora mirror that I received with my Christmas gift card. These amazing and portable scissors have been the most useful thing in this bag. They were at a Dollar Store forever ago and I snagged them up because I had to wrap a gift on-the-go. I keep some Advil in here too for other people, mostly and a Fruits and Passion Hand Cream which may seem weird, but I get very dry skin every time I wash my hands so I keep some lotion with me at all times.
There is one zipper pouch in my beloved purse which holds my electronics and a few other things. I always have my personal (iPhone) and work (Blackberry) phones and chargers with me plus a portable charger from a case of Bud Light last summer. I don’t drink it, but my loving fiance knew I would put it to use. I don’t go anywhere without these. In here is also my iPod Nano and earphones but MIA is a mini speaker I usually carry so I can listen to music while I work. Yes, I am lucky enough that I can listen to music as I work. I also keep Tic Tacs and a reusable bag in here so they are easily accessible.
Loosey goosey in my bag, I keep my glasses from DKNY, a pair of mitts, my work/home keys, change purse and of course…
IMG_2900 IMG_2901
My Kate Spade Wallet (similar). I picked this beautiful magenta wallet up last year to replace a similar Fossil one that was getting a bit worn. I am not particular about brands when it comes to fashion, but something about Kate Spade speaks to me so I had to look. Since I frequently ditch my purse and just carry my wallet, I bought the smallest option they had so it easily will fit in my pockets. Inside, I mostly keep bank cards, a few reward cards and gift cards as well as a few bus tickets for when I need them. The rest of my cards were in my change purse!
Last up, I keep my iPad mini in my bag when it isn’t in use so I can always have it with me. I am obsessed over this thing.

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed a look into my bag. A big thank you to Nancy for giving me a spot on her amazing blog. It’s a big honour and I have missed working with her. <3

Til next time, ttfn x

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Food Retro’s thought on Paleo

The next guest post over the Christmas holidays is my friend Anne who blogs over at Food Retro! Please check her site out some time, and welcome her to my blog :)


I love Nancy. I met her at BlissDom Canada and she is the cutest person. She’s so cute that you can’t be jealous of her outstanding physique and impressive abilities (seriously, CrossFit? What is this black magic?). If I were more of a hugger, I would totally grab her and squeeze her.

Name her George.

Sorry, Nancy. That was a Looney Toons reference. #showingmyage

Nancy is going on vacation, the lucky woman, and asked some of her best bloggy friends forever to cover her six. She likes makeup, and fitness, and travel and fashion. I don’t do any of those things. Not unless I have to. I can’t remember what half of my makeup is called, and so since mom jeans are off the table, I’m going to try for funny.

Then there’s the paleo dieting. I might be able to handle paleo. It’s slightly less sinister than the blood-type diet. I’m an AB and I can’t tolerate animal protein? What is this nonsense! You can keep the radishes and beans on the list of prohibited foods. That’s fine by me. Only a fool, however, would try to sell me on a diet by outlawing bacon and tea. Hell hath no fury like the woman bacon-and-caffeine denied.

I have already been putting together my list of New Year’s resolutions. Becoming more fit is on that list yet again. Maybe Nancy can give me some pointers when she’s back from vacation.

Better yet, I totally think Nancy should have a wee one of her own so she can put together a fitness routine for people like me: “How to Juggle Your Contrary 5 Year Old and Still Have Enough Energy to Be Superhuman.” In this new program, I envision using my tyke as a set of bar bells with one arm while I wield a spatula in the other. Maybe with a little yoga practice, I can throw in vacuuming with my feet.

I would buy this program. She would make Zillions.

Until then, however, I might have to try this… Cross… Fit.

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Cranberry Salsa recipe

Hey guys! My first guest post is from my blog-friend, Cindy! I’m still having an amazing time here in Newfoundland. I’ll talk to you all later about it :)


I want to thank Nancy for allowing me to do this little guest post on her blog today. I have been following Nancy’s blog for quite some time and I have to stay I instantly knew she was an east coast girl from the way she spoke on her blog. Being from the east coast myself (New Brunswick) you can tell.

Every year when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s I always tend to make the same foods such as the Peach Fruitcake (from a friend I had in Newfoundland), the sugar cookies, the mincemeat pillow cookies and a few other things that make the holidays feel like the holidays for us.

A few years ago I stumbled on this Cranberry Salsa/ Christmas Salsa on a friends facebook page and she was saying how good this was so I instantly asked for the recipe and make it that Christmas and I have to say it was delicious and since then I make it every year. I love that you can actually freeze it. It does make quite a bit.

cranberry salsa

Here is the recipe:

  • 12 oz package of cranberries (3 cups) [washed]
  • 2 tablespoons minced jalapeno pepper
  • 1/4 cup green onion minced
  • 1/4 cup minced cilantro
  • 2 tablespoons grated ginger
  •  tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup sugar

Put the cranberries in a blender or food processor and set it to chop.

When you have chopped the cranberries put in a bowl and blend the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate the mixture for a few hours.

Just before serving open up your block of cream cheese and pour the mixture over it. Serve with crackers or salsa chips.

This can actually be made a head of time and frozen.

I hope you enjoy this.

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