Food Retro’s thought on Paleo

The next guest post over the Christmas holidays is my friend Anne who blogs over at Food Retro! Please check her site out some time, and welcome her to my blog :)


I love Nancy. I met her at BlissDom Canada and she is the cutest person. She’s so cute that you can’t be jealous of her outstanding physique and impressive abilities (seriously, CrossFit? What is this black magic?). If I were more of a hugger, I would totally grab her and squeeze her.

Name her George.

Sorry, Nancy. That was a Looney Toons reference. #showingmyage

Nancy is going on vacation, the lucky woman, and asked some of her best bloggy friends forever to cover her six. She likes makeup, and fitness, and travel and fashion. I don’t do any of those things. Not unless I have to. I can’t remember what half of my makeup is called, and so since mom jeans are off the table, I’m going to try for funny.

Then there’s the paleo dieting. I might be able to handle paleo. It’s slightly less sinister than the blood-type diet. I’m an AB and I can’t tolerate animal protein? What is this nonsense! You can keep the radishes and beans on the list of prohibited foods. That’s fine by me. Only a fool, however, would try to sell me on a diet by outlawing bacon and tea. Hell hath no fury like the woman bacon-and-caffeine denied.

I have already been putting together my list of New Year’s resolutions. Becoming more fit is on that list yet again. Maybe Nancy can give me some pointers when she’s back from vacation.

Better yet, I totally think Nancy should have a wee one of her own so she can put together a fitness routine for people like me: “How to Juggle Your Contrary 5 Year Old and Still Have Enough Energy to Be Superhuman.” In this new program, I envision using my tyke as a set of bar bells with one arm while I wield a spatula in the other. Maybe with a little yoga practice, I can throw in vacuuming with my feet.

I would buy this program. She would make Zillions.

Until then, however, I might have to try this… Cross… Fit.

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