OOTWW & Triple F Friday #15


Clearly looks like I didn’t want to look at the camera this week. Oops? Whatever I like the outcome. As for today’s photo, I was trying to show you a new hair style that I learned off YouTube. The woman doing the tutorial had much longer, thicker hair and it came out pretty retro looking on her. But on me, it’s a completely different outcome, and I still kinda like it, even if it is pretty messy looking lol.

back-of-hairIt’s been a chilly week, but I don’t mind it one bit! It’s a different type of cold up here in Ontario than it is back home in Newfoundland. You immediately warm up as soon as you’re inside on the ‘mainland’. It’s a drier cold that sucks every bit of moisture out of my skin, which causes mild yet annoying eczema on my poor skin. But I don’t mind the weather, so you’re not bound to see me complain about it any time soon.

Hope everyone had a good week. I have a busy weekend ahead of me! I plan on going out to get some veggies tomorrow at a local market with Stephanie. Then head to another city to see my Mom’s Aunt and also her granddaughter (my cousin Vanessa!).

What are your plans?

Onto Triple F Friday:

Community_ChrisStoutenberg_rotatorChris Stoutenburg (@stouty_13 on twitter) was featured in the CrossFit forums last week, an incredible read. “A month after he started CrossFit, Stoutenberg accomplished something doctors told him would never be possible.” . Read the full article.  He can do the Fran WOD in less than 9 minutes. I think my time for Fran was 13+. That’s what I call beast-mode. Love it Chris! He also has a YouTube channel.

ROJRunning-Valentines-Gift-Exchange-2013Julie is doing a Valentine’s Day gift exchange. How fun is that?

My friend, @fivetimemommy needs to change her username to six time mommy! Go ahead and congratulate her on her 6th pregnancy!

Megs pipesIt’s Meg’s 50th High Five Friday! Plus she had some gains (literally) this week, and I want to personally congratulate her on her successes.  Look at those pipes.

Brittany blogs about: You may need more calories than you think.

krystenKrysten is going in for surgery for her robot heart next Friday. She’s a positive one, and I love her for her.

Morgan shares about what she learned about detoxing.

sincerelyjulesHAIRJules is one of those lucky people who looks great wearing any hairstyle/outfit she chooses. Yesterday she blogged about Hair Week.

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