It’s like I’ve told them I don’t brush my teeth

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about this, if I have I don’t remember. For the past 5+ years we haven’t had cable tv. Or any TV channels for that matter ever since they got rid of folks being able to use bunny ears to tune into two measly channels.

I haven’t missed it to be honest, I only kept the TV on for background noise, and now if I want the house to be a little less dead, we play music. ( plug! Great if you love house music…).

Sometimes not having cable doesn’t allow me to chat with others, talking about the new shows that just came out, or the crazy scenes happening on The Bachelor.

But you wouldn’t believe the reactions I get when I tell people I haven’t seen the newest show of whatever it was they were talking about. My easiest excuse is just telling the world we don’t have a tv. It’s like I’ve told them I don’t brush my teeth. The horrific gasps, and death glares I get from people are just hilarious. Quite honestly they ask me with a serious face, “well what do you do in the evenings then?!”

But the fact of the matter is, we have a “movie room” (we converted the dining room), a small old school TV, and then a massive 55″ flat screen in the bedroom*! TV just doesn’t interest us. The internet sucks us in, as does keeping fit and having a busy workout schedule. Not sitting down in the evenings and watching TV. Though sometimes I really miss doing that. While I was home in Newfoundland during Christmas, you couldn’t get me off the couch from all the TV watching I was doing. I was glued to it, and basically addicted. It was nice to play catch-up on the channels I’ve always loved: HGTV, Food Network and all those interior decorating shows.

It’s not that we’re completely out of the loop with TV now days, we have a subscription to Netflix, which we watch quite often. Dexter is my favorite TV show at the moment. We haven’t started on the 4th season just yet. Almost there.

What are your favorite television shows at the moment?

At home, do you spend more time on the internet, or watching TV?

*The 55″ flat screen is what we watch our Netflix on, and most of the time the Boyf uses it for his indoor cycling training.

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  1. I don’t watch a lot of TV (I enjoy my Netflix more), but Ken watches it A LOT (I mean, it’s quite ridiculous!!) and he doesn’t want to get rid of it. I FINALLY convinced him to down-grade from VIP to basic cable… lol. It’s just WAY too expensive!!

  2. I don’t have cable either, the apps (citytv, ctv, netflix) on my iPad have been great with keeping me up to date on shows that I like, though, god love ’em. I also get the same reaction when someone at work asks “Did you see X Factor last night?” “No, I don’t have cable..” and they just don’t know how to respond. hahah

  3. I am barely home so I rarely am just mindlessly surfing the internet OR watching tv. I am the same – we don’t have cable. I just discovered my undying love of the show New Girl!

  4. Aah I’m definitely more of a net surfer! I like watching some TV, but only select shows. It’s actually cheaper for us to get internet, phone, and TV together than just internet. I have to say, when I met Sean I’d been without a TV for 4 years! I didn’t miss it at all when I didn’t have it – granted, I was away studying for 3 of those years and just spent time cycling, in the gym, on the internet, or studying. So I totally understand the *look* people give you when you say you don’t own a TV!

  5. I also do not have cable but use the internet to keep up with my favourite tv shows including: New Girl, Parenthood, Downton Abbey and Suits. I think I’ll end up getting cable again in the future but it’ll be more of a compromise with my boyfriend wanting every possible channel and me just wanting the food network and TLC

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