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Hello! Haven’t blogged on here since last year (ha, Christmas time). So hello there. I’m here with a fun post today and I haven’t done one of these style posts in years. Remember when I did my eBay purchases rated, like a good ten years ago? Those were the days.

I have found out that Shein is an addicting way to spend my evening after my boys enter slumbertown, and I’m browsing for deals. By the way, wait for a free shipping code on Shein, they’re frequent! Now, let’s get to a few of my recent purchases from that ol’ site.

Shein link: Camera shaped correction tape
Paid: $2.32 / Worth the price? Ehhh…
My opinion: It works and does its job. A bit bigger than expected,and definitely big for correction tape but it was too cute to pass up. Daiso and Dollar Tree has cute options for a buck or so cheaper. This is neat if you want to gift to a camera lover (and stationery lover).
Overall rating: 4 stars

Shein link: Weekly schedule pad
Paid: $0.94 / Worth the price? Yes
My opinion: Ooooh yeah. I will be buying more of these! I use them to keep track of my social media to-do-list, dinner ideas, and appointments. Also has a nice subtle grid on the boxes.
Overall rating: 5 stars

Shein link: Letter graphic tee
Paid: $8.30 / Worth the price? Yes
My opinion: Have I skied in the last decade? No. But did I buy this tee regardless? Yup. I’ve been hunting for a graphic tee for some time, and this is a nice soft material! Love it. I usually wear a medium, and this fits nice – I didn’t want to upsize. Here’s the fit on me – kinda something you’d find at Forever21. Not sure how long it’ll last.
Overall rating: 5 stars

Shein link: Corduroy pencil case
Paid: $2.79 / Worth the price? Yes
My opinion: This one comes in 4 colours. Do I really need another pencil case? No, but I cannot pass up an opportunity with anything to do with corduroy. Had to have it. It’s perfect for the price. I had been hunting for one on Etsy for a while, but this less than $3 hits my budget just right lol.
Overall rating: 5 stars

Shein link: Clear files 3 pack
Paid: $1.87 / Yes
My opinion: You get what you pay for, right? These are “fine”, a bit flimsy. I bought these for our travel docs + papers that I don’t want folded. Not as thick/sturdy as others I’ve bought in the past (not from this shop or seller).
Overall rating: 3 stars

Shein link: Gold rings 4 piece
Paid: $0.94 / Worth the price? Yes
My opinion: I mean, for a buck with free shipping you definitely cannot go wrong. I wrap these in tissue or paper towel when not using them so they don’t tarnish as quickly. I’d say these rings are about a size 6. They’re a bit too big for my middle finger. The plain band one isn’t soldered together, so I guess it’s adjustable? lol.
Overall rating: 3 stars

Shein link: Boys Striped Carrot Pants
Paid: $6.73 / Worth the price? Yes
My opinion: Oh these are too cute for my 4 year old. I bought the size 7, and good thing – the waist is small, but the length is definitely there. Haven’t tried them on my son yet though.He’s off the charts tall, so we’ll see how they do. They’re perfect for a lightweight summer pant.
Overall rating: 5 stars

I have a few more orders coming in, so stay tuned!

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