Barricade that up!

It’s funny how you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. For instance, taste buds. I can eat liver right now and think it’s some delicious chicken. The good part about having this sinus flu is not being able to smell when Alfie goes potty… #2, It’s like having a velvet rope outside of a bar to have crowd control and not being able to see inside. Bitter sweet, you know?  Knowing you’re going to get into that bar, but not knowing what’s inside.

I remember when we went to the U2 concert in Toronto just in the fall, there were stanchions and retractable belts which kept people in line. Until they leaned against the retractable belt and it whipped back into it’s pole. Have you ever done that? When I use to bank with large corporations, they had those barricades up so people could wait in line single file. I was always the one who broke that barrier. So embarrassing, since I’m like a little child in public and can’t stand still until I am served.

They should really put those stanchions up everywhere, so people aren’t all up in your business. Why do people feel the need to be so close to someone that they can touch your hair with their nose? It’s gross, right? I always turn around and I think I give them a glare, but I really don’t know if I do or not. They’re in my personal space!

Maybe it’s all the sinus pills talking, but I certainly know where I’m coming from.

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