The Rock

After blogging on Kelly’s site yesterday, I whipped out “The Rock” bouldering in Newfoundland DVD that I “appeared” in, in 2004 on a climbing roadtrip, me and a few buddies went on. I received the finished product about a year ago, and only watched it now. I’m not sure why I waited so long to watch it, but it brought back good memories. Here’s a clip (or two) of me climbing.

The quality is poor because I took a video of the video. Lame.

I’m sitting up on the rock on this one. you can sort of spot my infamous blue pants, then there’s a shot of my crank-face walking next to a boulder lol.

Go view my teeny tiny YouTube page!

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Valentines Break Down

First, I wanted to post a video of Alfie trying to eat his supper. I was watching the show Republic of Doyle (filmed in Newfoundland!) and you can hear in the background a Memorial University of Newfoundland commercial on the TV. hear those accents? Hee hee.

As I mentioned I had to hand-feed Alfie. Last night he ate part of a plastic bag the night before, which made it painful to … unload his stuff. I had to yank it out with a plastic bag, while he whimpered. Awesome.

1 minute and 45 seconds of Alfie. It’s boring but… you know. I love the pup.

dawggieSee? We pose for pictures! Okay. This wasn’t Valentines day, nor was the video. So we’ll skip over the stuff you already know about vday. But let’s do a little recap:


I was chauffeured in my car as we we went to King Tut in Toronto. I also got my pants fixed at Lululemon. While driving out of Toronto, in China Town we also saw some people dressed and carrying the dragons around for Chinese New Year! That was pretty awesome to see. Also when we went to park in the underground and walked up to the streets, I saw a man in a Mercedes SUV try to parallel park and ended up pushing another car out of the way, with his bumper! I couldn’t believe it. I stood there in the alley way, and flailed my arms saying “omg what an idiot!” Scott quickly grabbed my arm and told me to mind my own business. Since we were in an alley, and in Toronto. lol. I couldn’t believe it! Just to get a parking spot. Jeeze Loise.

Then I came home and turned on all the stuff on the stove and started cooking.

Up first, I had the table all decorated so pretty. When I think about it — I have pink place mats and probably should of  used those. Oops.


(click all images to enlarge)

I slaved over the stove top to make some homemade boxed mushroom risotto. Delish, but I think I ended up making too much. Though, we ate it…


Can’t have risotto without a bit of wine, no? I had no idea what I was picking out. I only started to like wine when we went to British Columbia, in September, when we went to the Quails Gate Winery. So I went to the local section of the liquor store and picked up the first bottle that caught my eye. All I knew was that I didn’t like Merlot when I tried it last, so I picked this up, and went to one of the sales clerks and asked if it was going to go well with what I was serving. Voila. Perfection. Bought on the spot.

wineSo tasty. Wine makes everything better. Even the best weight loss pills.

After that, supper was served. Check out the table setting now. Ooh la la. Chocolates, Wine, Risotto, Pork Tenderloin, Carrots cut a different way, and… mashed potatoes!


A close up, to make that mouth of yours salivate like nothing else. Oh, want the recipe for the pork tenderloin marinade? Sure thing!


That wasn’t all either. We polished off the bottle of wine I had picked out, and went straight for dessert! The chocolates were just Valentines candy. We needed some GOOD dessert. Our favorite: cheesecake. President’s Choice double decker. Oh yyyeeeah.

cheesecakeAnd that was our Valentines Day meal :)

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